Charging your batteries on board a coach.

The USB retrofit solution from OMNIplus is an upgrade for any coach.

Service 2022 1

Charging your batteries on board a coach.

The USB retrofit solution from OMNIplus is an upgrade for any coach.

Parts and accessories 2022 2

The right chemistry.

An extended range of accessories and chemical products in the eShop.

Parts and accessories 2022 3

Power deluxe.

Smart AGM batteries from OMNIplus for the most stringent demands.

Parts and accessories 2022 4


OMNIplus eShop order interfaces for COS software solutions.

Parts and accessories Service 2022 5

Order fixed-price packages online.

Replacement parts packages – a few clicks away in the OMNIplus eShop.

Service Network 2022 6

A network where nobody falls through the gaps.

With the largest service network in Europe, OMNIplus ensures coach tours go to plan.

Service 2022 7

Surfing on board.

OMNIplus offers retrofits for fast internet in the Citaro.

Parts and accessories 2022 8

Electronic second-hand parts in OEM quality.

More starters and alternators available as OMNIplus original second-hand parts.

Parts and accessories 2022 9

Licensed to print.

New: 3D printing licences for flexible supplies of replacement parts.

Parts and accessories Service 2022 10

Find and order replacement parts more easily

Maintenance and repair-specific fixed-price packages from OMNIplus.

Service 2022 11

Your service partner for COVID-19 protection.

The comprehensive OMNIplus package of COVID-19 measures for buses and coaches.

Training 2022 12

It’s the mixture that makes it

Blended learning from OMNIplus combines the advantages of online learning and in-person training.

Service Network 2022 13

Top-notch service for Mercedes-Benz and Setra Buses: OMNIplus builds new BusWorld Home in Berlin

Service 2021 14

Special discount for OMNIplus ON customers at

Cooperation between OMNIplus ON and coach charter platform takes to the road.

Parts and accessories Service 2021 15

A range of services for more safety

OMNIplus creates a bundle of measures to meet virus challenges

Service 2021 16

The plus for your bus or coach

European service brand OMNIplus celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Parts and accessories 2021 17

5000 buses equipped with active filters and protective driver doors

Service 2021 18

OMNIplus restart check

Custom bus and coach servicing – and we are happy to come to you.

Parts and accessories 2021 19

COVID-19 protective equipment for the Sprinter City

New: protective driver’s cabin, driver’s partition as a retrofit and contactless hand sanitisers.

Parts and accessories Service 2021 20

Get active against aerosols

OMNIplus fits coaches with high-performance particle filters.

Parts and accessories Service 2021 21

Disinfect contact surfaces without damage

The wrong cleaning products can damage surfaces.

Parts and accessories Service 2020 22

Daimler Buses: a greater exchange of air with active filters increases safety in buses

In its fight against Covid-19 and for the protection of bus occupants, Daimler Buses is relying on a high fresh air content, a fast exchange of air...

Digital Services 2020 23

Bus companies impressed by Data Packages and eShop.

The OMNIplus ON digital services in practical testing.

Service Network 2020 24

A new OMNIplus BusWorld Home in Winterthur

At its core: an electrical workshop for the eCitaro.

Parts and accessories Service 2020 25

Professional protection for bus drivers

OMNIplus offers retrofitted driver protection doors for buses and coaches.

Parts and accessories 2020 26

Turning assistant – more safety through retrofitting

OMNIplus retrofits vehicles with Blind Spot Assist.

Parts and accessories 2019 27

3D-printed bus and coach parts

More than 200 parts already available for customers.

Digital Services 2019 28

Original replacement parts from the OMNIplus eShop

Bring your procurement processes up to date.

Training 2019 29

Keep your employees fit for the bus

New: Electromobility courses prepare you for the eCitaro.

Parts and accessories 2019 30

Original exchange parts – efficiency from A to Z

How you can save real money with remanufactured used parts.

Digital Services 2019 31

New OMNIplus ON data packages

Data packages for efficient fleet management.

Parts and accessories 2019 32

Counterfeit replacement parts: danger from product pirates

Often cheap, sometimes dangerous, usually bad: pirated replacement parts endanger quality and safety.


Service 2019 33

Senior fitness

Retain the value of older buses and coaches with the BestAge Repair programme by OMNIplus.

Digital Services 2019 34

The all-round care-free package for the eCitaro

The eService contracts by OMNIplus offer e-mobility services at predictable prices.

Digital Services 2019 35

OMNIplus ON monitor: fleet management 2.0

This is how bus companies can always keep an eye on their vehicles and fleet.

Service 2019 36

Accident? OMNIplus is there for you and will help immediately

One call is enough: OMNIplus will make sure your bus or coach is repaired quickly and professionally.


Digital Services 2019 37

OMNIplus ON commerce: the new OMNIplus eShop has been launched

The new OMNIplus eShop has launched – purchasing digital replacement parts has never been easier.

Digital Services 2019 38

Digital support for the bus driver

Monitor your own bus with a smartphone.

Digital Services 2019 39

Customer portal gets going with OMNIplus Uptime

Take your bus’s pulse online at any time.

Digital Services 2019 40

New: Service Contracts with OMNIplus Uptime

Maximise the readiness of your buses and coaches.