A bright idea

OMNIplus makes Setra touring coaches shine with headlamps featuring the latest LED technology

OMNIplus now also offers the new, performance-optimised LED main beam headlamps for low-beam and high-beam headlights from the current Setra TopClass and ComfortClass touring coaches as a retrofit solution for the predecessor vehicles from the 500 model series. They provide a bright, ample headlamp light, thus increasing safety. At the same time, they increase efficiency for the operator thanks to their long service life and lower power consumption.

A practical feature: the new LED headlamps can also be ordered from OMNIplus service centres as a retrofit package solution in conjunction with services such as professional removal and installation and adjustment of the headlamps.

Advantages of the current OMNIplus retrofit solution for drivers and operators with Setra vehicles: the integral headlamps for dipped beam and main beam featuring state-of-the-art LED technology offer excellent light output with significantly reduced energy requirements.

Bright and appealing
The new, integral LED headlamps have an outstanding light output and significantly reduced energy consumption. Full light intensity is available immediately after the dipped beam and main beam are switched on. The appealing design based on the shape of theatre spotlights is not the only highlight. The “Setra” logo integrated into the headlamps also visually upgrades the front end.

Improved illumination, increased range
The precise definition of the light cone using computer-optimised optics and reflector systems ensures a wide and precise illumination of the road with a soft light-dark boundary. This results in a greater range of up to 170 metres and subjectively greater brightness perception.

Wake-up effect for drivers
At 5,500 Kelvin, the light temperature is quite close to that of daylight. It reduces eye fatigue and keeps the driver focused for longer. Oncoming traffic also benefits, as the illumination is perceived as being significantly more pleasant.


Benefit to the transport operator
The long service life and the reduced loss of luminous power are arguments that convince operators when considering the total cost of ownership as well as the noticeably lower maintenance and repair costs. The LED headlamps are two to three times more efficient than conventional bulbs and remain operative for approx. 25,000 operating hours. This means the lamps generally do not have to be changed during the service life of the vehicle.

A total of six LED bulbs for the dipped beam and five more for the main beam consume only 35 watts in total and thus significantly less power than all previous headlamp technologies. The full light output remains constant for nearly the entire service life. Non-operational times are also reduced, as no lamps need to be replaced, eliminating the need for bulb replacements required for conventional halogen or xenon headlamps.

Another advantage of the LED retrofit solution
There is an additional advantage for the new LED headlamps as a retrofit option. At the respective OMNIplus service centres, the customer can choose between ordering just the parts and the combination of parts including conversion.

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