OMNIplus ON monitor: consumption analysis

The digital service to control and optimise consumption

Which vehicle is consuming how much? What are the remaining ranges? How much is the stationary consumption? And how much energy has been recovered from the eCitaro or eCitaro fuel cell? The “consumption analysis” feature of the OMNIplus ON monitor allows you to analyse trends and the potential for optimising consumption – thanks to detailed consumption information for each vehicle. This is an indispensable operation monitoring tool, especially for your electric bus fleet!

Comprehensive energy accounting, at a glance

The “consumption overview” dashboard in the OMNIplus ON portal allows you to view up-to-date consumption information for your vehicles at any time, regardless of whether they are running on diesel, gas, electricity or hydrogen. Simply select the vehicle, route, time period and drive type to see the data, which is displayed in tables and easy-to-follow charts. The energy consumption for electric buses is also broken down into an energy balance based on drive system, air conditioning and auxiliary consumers. The consumption overview for the eCitaro fuel cell also displays the hydrogen consumption. You also have a view of potential factors which may have a lasting influence on consumption. This provides you with a comprehensive basis for carrying out analyses in order to identify unnecessary peaks in energy consumption and to make better use of energy saving potentials. As an operator of electric bus fleets, the particular long-term benefit is an increase in range and a reduction in your operating costs.

Increase your fleet’s efficiency with OMNIplus ON monitor

The “Consumption analysis” feature is a functional component of consumption monitoring within OMNIplus ON monitor and can be booked individually for each vehicle for a monthly sum. With OMNIplus ON monitor you can use additional telematics services that give you relevant data on the driver and vehicle. In this way, the fleet manager can keep an eye on the fleet, all the time, anywhere. This means buses and coaches can be located, monitored during deployment and their driving times recorded. From evaluating operational data to remote speedometer downloads – you receive valuable information to make you even more efficient on the road. Any more questions? The innovative services from OMNIplus ON monitor will give you more answers.

OMNIplus ON monitor: Consumption analysis – the advantages at a glance

  • An easy-to-follow display offers transparency regarding the diesel, gas, electricity or hydrogen consumption of your vehicles.
  • Rapid identification of optimisation potential in terms of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and braking energy recuperation in e-buses
  • Hydrogen consumption in the eCitaro fuel cell is clearly displayed to optimise its operating strategy
  • Potential causes of increased consumption analysed with relation to the driver’s handling of the vehicle or the deployment profile
  • Increased range with reduced operating costs thanks to targeted energy saving
  • A helpful monitoring tool that is perfect for the operators of e-bus fleets