OMNIplus Genuine Reman Parts

The cost-effective, ecological alternative to new parts

High-quality spare parts are an important factor in keeping buses running reliably. Costs can be reduced without compromising on quality by purchasing remanufactured parts. OMNIplus Genuine Reman Parts are the cost-effective and resource-efficient alternative to new parts – and they have substantial benefits. For diesel buses and coaches or electric buses.

Remanufactured parts
The ever-growing product range of OMNIplus Genuine Reman Parts already includes a great many major assemblies and components. The additional word “reman” (abbreviation for “remanufacturing”) indicates that these are remanufactured parts. The term “Genuine Parts” means you can be certain that they will work just as reliably as new parts in your Mercedes-Benz bus or Setra. This is thanks to a careful refurbishing process. The end result is a Genuine Reman Part in original equipment quality that meets stringent OMNIplus standards in terms of fit, technical standard, performance, safety and warranty. And don't forget: Genuine Reman Parts save resources, so they're great for the environment too.

Systematic remanufacturing
Old parts are remanufactured in six defined steps to make Genuine Reman Parts. First of all, OMNIplus specialists professionally inspect the part's condition. If the old part is suitable for remanufacturing, it is first completely disassembled into its individual parts. All wear parts are also removed. This is followed by a special cleaning procedure. During the actual reconditioning process, wear parts are replaced with new parts and any defects are professionally remedied. This also includes updating the technology of components or major assemblies if necessary. After assembly, the performance of the reconditioned replacement part is tested. Only when the part has passed this last demanding test can it be called an OMNIplus Genuine Reman Part.

Did you know? OMNIplus customers can earn cash by returning their old parts. Under certain conditions, used parts are taken back and reimbursed when a Genuine Reman Part is purchased from OMNIplus. If you have any questions about the return criteria, please contact your nearest service centre.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Proven OMNIplus quality
  • Spare parts guarantee of twelve months
  • Old parts can be given in payment (provided they meet the current take-back criteria)
  • Design changes are incorporated into the refurbishment process
  • Active environmental protection through refurbishment of the replaced original parts
  • Clear price advantage
  • Fast availability
  • For diesel and electric buses