ServiceContracts diesel buses.

Optimal servicing for diesel buses at foreseeable costs.

The most important facts in overview

  • Four variants: Basic, BasicPlus, Premium Regional and Premium
  • Attractive package prices instead of itemised lists
  • Individual combination of mileage and duration
  • Foreseeable costs over the entire duration

ServiceContracts from OMNIplus make a valuable contribution to keeping your company running efficiently. When you buy a Mercedes-Benz or Setra, you can choose between various different mileages and durations. You benefit from comprehensive workshop service, the competence of the specialist staff at your OMNIplus Service Point and the quality ensured by original parts.

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We offer you the following benefits

Safety and quality

Original parts and trained specialists guarantee an optimally serviced vehicle – and thus your own and your passengers’ safety


The highest quality standards where servicing and replacement parts are concerned ensure your bus fleet is always ready for action

Foreseeable cost control

Fixed monthly rates or fixed prices for service packages offer planning security and ensure operating cost transparency


Compared with individual workshop services, the package is cheaper


Regular and competent maintenance increases the resale value of your vehicle

The OMNIplus ServiceContracts in overview

Alongside a common maintenance component, our OMNIplus ServiceContracts offer various different levels of repair. Thanks to our attractive additional packages, you can extend your ServiceContract as needed.


Scope of services Basic BasicPlus Premium Regional Premium
Vehicle maintenance to manufacturer requirements
Whole vehicle repairs
Wear parts are repaired or exchanged
Incl. 24h SERVICE with towing costs
OMNIplus Uptime
The following additional packages can be selected:
Legally mandated general/emissions/safety inspections
OMNIplus Uptime