OMNIplus ON monitor: Logbook

The digital service for all relevant operational information

Which route is my bus or coach taking? What vehicle-related events have been recorded? And what is the fuel or energy consumption? With the “Logbook” feature from OMNIplus ON monitor, you can track the important operating data and details of your vehicles’ trips at a glance.

All deployment information on screen

In the separate “Logbook” dashboard in the OMNIplus ON Portal, you can view your bus and coach fleet’s operating data at any time – and in real time. Simply select the vehicle and the period of time and you will be shown all the trips in the form of a clear 24h diagram. Now, filter for relevant vehicle-related events and find out, say, when the doors were opened and which ones, or if the Active Brake Assist was deactivated by the driver. Based on detailed consumption data* you can also identify savings potential for your diesel and electric buses and coaches per driver. To further process the data in-house, you can use the practical export function, allowing you to download all the data as an Excel document with a single click.

*Required: booking the OMNIplus ON feature “deployment consumption monitoring”

Efficient fleet management with OMNIplus ON monitor

“Logbook” is already included when you book the OMNIplus ON monitor tracking services, replacing the previous feature “Trip recording”. With OMNIplus ON monitor you can use additional telematics services that give you relevant data on the driver and vehicle. In this way, the fleet manager can keep an eye on the fleet, all the time, anywhere. This means buses and coaches can be located, journey times can be recorded and routes more efficiently designed. From evaluating fuel or energy consumption to recording vehicle-related events – you receive valuable information to make you even more efficient on the road. Any further questions? The innovative services from OMNIplus ON monitor will give you more answers.