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Limitless use - The DTCO 4.1 Smart Tachograph

OMNIplus has developed a professional and vehicle-specific retrofit solution for bus and coach operators

In the European Union, second-generation smart tachographs must now be installed in all newly registered buses, coaches and trucks used in cross-border passenger and freight transport. The issue is also becoming increasingly urgent for existing vehicles in cross-border traffic. It is vital to be proactive and avoid missing the specified deadlines without doing anything as you could otherwise incur significant fines in the event of an inspection.

Digital tachograph with additional functions
The DTCO 4.1 Smart Tachograph from OMNIplus also gives bus and coach companies a whole range of advantages. Compared to version 1 of the smart tachograph, second-generation devices have additional functions, such as automatic registration of border crossings. The authorities can also view the data remotely in even more detail and so monitor the applicable regulations more thorougly and precisely. This makes it all the more important to install a tachograph of the new generation in good time.

No rude awakening during future workshop visits
The genuine DTCO 4.1 tachograph from OMNIplus guarantees that the tachograph will be fully integrated into the vehicle. And this is not the only benefit bus and coach companies gain by using the genuine article from OMNIplus. Firstly, it ensures full update capability. Secondly, it prevents problems that might otherwise occur due to stored errors when visiting the workshop.


“The genuine tachograph from OMNIplus guarantees that the tachograph will be fully integrated into the vehicle.”


OMNIplus genuine part with full warranty
A further advantage of the genuine OMNIplus DTCO 4.1 tachograph is that it is connected upstream from the battery disconnect switch. This prevents the tachograph from switching to Tamper mode, which can otherwise sometimes occur if it is disconnected from the power circuit too frequently. And we've saved the best for last: on purchasing a genuine tachograph from OMNIplus, operators can enjoy the full warranty that always comes with OMNIplus genuine parts.

Bus and coach-specific solution with OMNIplus
Bus and coach companies will be obligated to switch to second-generation intelligent tachographs due to EU regulations governing cross-border traffic. Our network of OMNIplus service centres throughout Europe performs needs-based and vehicle-specific conversions with our customary high OEM quality.

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