OMNIplus eProcurement

Seamless integration in your ERP system

Are you an OMNIplus customer using your own software solutions or third-party systems to manage your inventory? Then we have the perfect solution for you: eProcurement by OMNIplus. By integrating digital interfaces, you can select spare parts, check their availability, view individual prices and order them directly all while working from within your own ERP system. This simplifies and streamlines the purchasing process.

Four interfaces, one seamless process
Handle the entire ordering process using your in-house software. There is no need to leave your familiar user interface when shopping in the OMNIplus eShop. OMNIplus provides four digital interfaces for this purpose: A catalogue interface in OCI format gives you direct access to the eShop. You can now search for a specific required spare part or display parts that are suitable for your vehicle. The BusParts Catalogue is an integrated part of the OMNIplus eShop that helps you to identify special parts based on the VIN. Before submitting an order, use the availability interface to view the stock currently available at connected, authorised OMNIplus service centres. The additional net price interface also lets you retrieve individual prices for your required spare parts from your Daimler Buses Service Center and process the information directly in your ordering system. Your specific conditions and any promotional discounts are automatically factored in so that you are guaranteed to be provided with the correct price at all times. At the very end of the procurement process, the order interface then transfers all the data back to your ERP system in a suitable format and issues a digital order confirmation. Done.

Easy to implement within your own ERP system
If you are an OMNIplus customer using in-house or third-party software solutions, simply contact your Daimler Buses Service Center or authorised service partner. Alternatively, get in touch directly via certified OMNIplus third-party provider partners, such as COSware. First of all, an agreement will be made with your company and your software provider regarding the setup and use of the interfaces. The partner and Daimler Buses will then set up the desired functions and interfaces. During the implementation phase, your ERP system will be connected to the OMNIplus test system to ensure trouble-free communication between the various systems. Only then will the respective interfaces be enabled on an agreed date. After a final system check, the network of various systems is perfectly connected and you can take full advantage of all the OMNIplus eProcurement benefits.

Interactive insights: eProcurement interactive explainer video

Start the interactive video with clickable elements. Learn more about how eProcurement interfaces can boost your procurement process.

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OMNIplus eProcurement - an overview of your benefits

  • Easy integration of OMNIplus genuine spare parts procurement into your own system environment
  • Direct communication between customer-specific ERP systems, OMNIplus and Daimler Buses in a single process
  • Integrate your fleet into the OMNIplus eShop for specific, VIN-based parts identification directly from within your ERP system
  • View parts availability and customer-specific prices directly
  • Order required parts from your usual Daimler Buses Service Center directly from your in-house ERP system
  • Simplified and streamlined ordering process for genuine spare parts for Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus/touring coaches