Bus Training Platform

The best training for your employees is just a click away

At https://training.buses.daimlertruck.com/, you can flexibly book a wide variety of training programs in 14 European countries, giving your drivers and workshop employees the targeted qualification they need. On the Bus Training Platform, we also offer diverse, practical eLearning material in various fields of competence. The online sessions are linked to our comprehensive training portfolio and serve at the same time as preparation for our in-person training, which we still offer.

Simplified navigation and multilingual provision
The new online training portal is set up to be user-friendly and intuitive to operate. The extensive filter criteria can help you find the right OMNIplus Training. They categorize the range on offer by field of competence, field of learning, language and location. This last is useful, for example, if employees need to be trained in a foreign language. You can also easily view your upcoming training, your learning history and that of your employees. In this way, targeted training of the workforce is supported.

You can log in using your existing Daimler-ID / XENTRY-ID at https://training.buses.daimlertruck.com/. Then, you will reach the training catalog where you can book sessions for yourself and your employees. If you have no login data, you have the option to view the existing training in the public catalog on the homepage. If you are interested in taking part in training, please contact us at bus-training@daimlertruck.com. We will be happy to deal with booking, create your personal login data for the training portal and provide you with information at any time if you have questions. In addition, as this platform is shared with Mercedes-Benz Truck Training, you can also access truck training sessions.

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