OMNIplus ON monitor: Location services

The innovative service offer for vehicle location and route optimisation

Where is my bus or coach? What local hotspots produce a greater number of inefficiencies or dangers? When does the vehicle enter or leave a particular zone? And what was the actual route the vehicle took? With location services from OMNIplus ON monitor, you can query the position of your vehicles, their routes and tour statuses in real time and from any mobile device. In this way, you will always know the status of your vehicle and be able to react quickly and effectively.

Multifunctional location services

The OMNIplus ON location services offer you a combination of specific, digital location services all shown in clear graphical format on a dashboard in the OMNIplus ON Portal. For example, you can track your bus or coach live on the digital road map and use the parameters derived from this data to improve vehicle utilisation and plan routes better. Find out too if there are local hotspots where certain vehicle functions such as Active Brake Assist are activated. Define geographical areas like your own depot and receive a notification when buses and coaches enter and leave this zone. Or take a look at the new “Logbook” where you can receive clear information on all the relevant deployment details for each vehicle within a 24-hour window. This information can also be displayed with individual filters so you can fulfil contractual or statutory documentation requirements.

Efficient fleet management with OMNIplus ON monitor

These location services are part of the digital service provision of OMNIplus ON. With OMNIplus ON monitor you can use additional highly developed telematics services that give you relevant data on the driver and vehicle. In this way, the fleet manager can keep an eye on the fleet, all the time, anywhere. This means that journey times can be recorded and routes more efficiently designed. From automated driver card and mass storage downloads to evaluating consumption data and analysing driving styles – you receive valuable information to make you even more efficient on the road. Any further questions? The innovative services from OMNIplus ON monitor will give you more answers.

OMNIplus ON monitor: Tracking services – Your benefits at a glance:

  • Call up the position of vehicles, routes and journey statuses in real time and from any end device
  • Vehicle location - Live view of vehicles on a map including driver names and SOC (for electric vehicles)
  • Location events - Live map including specific location events, e.g. door opening, pressing of stop request button
  • Zone monitoring - Create zones (geofencing) to receive notification by email or text message as soon as a vehicle leaves or enters a defined zone
  • Trip recording - Store past journeys including location events, border crossings and status of vehicle checks
  • Logbook - Shows a 24-hour overview of all relevant journey information for the fleet including location events