OMNIplus ON monitor: Driver card and mass storage download

The remote solution to fulfil your statutory documentation obligations

Are driving and rest periods being complied with? How much time is the driver spending on other activities? And how can I always fulfil my statutory documentation obligations? With the “driver card and mass storage download” feature from OMNIplus ON monitor, you can read, store and export for analysis all relevant data from the digital tachograph (DTCO) remotely. Fully automated, wherever the bus is at the time.

On-time downloads guaranteed

On the “driver card and mass storage download” dashboard in the OMNIplus ON Portal, you are able at any time to download your bus drivers’ time behind the wheel and rest periods. With the automated download, you can also fulfil your documentary obligations of reading driver cards every 28 days and backing up the mass storage data every 90 days. You can set the time intervals for automatic downloads just as you prefer. Practical: the downloaded driver card and mass storage data can be transferred without a hitch into evaluation systems via a cloud interface (API).

Efficient fleet management with OMNIplus ON monitor.

The “driver card and mass storage download” feature is a functional component of the time management service of OMNIplus ON monitor. With OMNIplus ON monitor you can use additional telematics services that give you relevant data on the driver and vehicle. In this way, the fleet manager can keep an eye on the fleet, all the time, anywhere. This means buses and coaches can be located, journey times can be recorded and routes more efficiently designed. From evaluating consumption data to analysing driving styles – you receive valuable information to make you even more efficient on the road. Any further questions? The innovative services from OMNIplus ON monitor will give you more answers.