OMNIplus ON monitor: performance analysis

Digital service for safe and economical driving

With the OMNIplus ON monitor performance analysis, you can optimise your drivers' economical and safe driving style, for example to save fuel and energy or increase your passengers' safety. The digital service evaluates the driving style in four categories – acceleration, braking, smooth driving and coasting. As a result, operators obtain a quick overview in the OMNIplus ON portal to see which drivers have potential for improvement. Soon also available for eBuses!

Systematic driving style assessment

The OMNIplus ON monitor performance analysis evaluates the personal driving style according to certain parameters and also includes the use of assistance systems. In the braking category, for example, the analysis assesses the frequency of retarder use at the highest level instead of operating the service brake or a sensible braking sequence. In the acceleration category, on the other hand, the system analyses how drivers press the accelerator pedal or at which engine speed they operate their vehicle. The current driving style data of your staff is displayed directly in the OMNIplus ON portal as a clearly arranged diagram. Bus operators also have the option of displaying an overall value for each driver, summarising the driving style quality from both economic and safety aspects. In addition, drivers' development over time and the rankings in both categories are illustrated.

Support for training, scheduling and more

Are drivers exceeding the maximum permissible speed? Are the on-board assistance systems for saving fuel and energy not being used adequately? Do drivers fully depress the accelerator when moving off? Do they take breaks with the engine running? How often does ESP or Lane Assistant trigger? The detailed analysis of different parameters enables a fair and comprehensible comparison between your drivers. If necessary, you can initiate targeted training measures and monitor their progress over the long term. Also use the findings from the driving style analysis for your scheduling and assign, for example, routes causing high consumption to specific drivers. When do you make your drivers aware of an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly driving style?

Increased efficiency of the vehicle fleet with OMNIplus ON monitor

The "Performance Analysis" feature is a functional component of OMNIplus ON monitor and can be booked individually for each vehicle for a monthly fee. In OMNIplus ON monitor, you can use other telematics services that provide you with relevant driver and vehicle data. This allows fleet managers to keep an eye on the vehicle fleet at all times and from anywhere. Consequently, vehicles can be located, operations monitored and operating times recorded. From the evaluation of operating data to remote speedometer and driver card downloads – you receive valuable information to operate even more economically. Any more questions? OMNIplus ON monitor’s digital services will give you more answers.

OMNIplus ON monitor: performance analysis - your advantages at a glance

  • More economical driving reduces wear and saves fuel as well as energy
  • Optimised driving style increases safety
  • Driver motivation as a result of clear feedback based on comprehensible evaluation criteria
  • Individual assessment of driving styles
  • Ranking of drivers, vehicles and routes according to economic efficiency and safety aspects
  • Determination of potential for improvement or training requirements
  • Increased ride comfort and safety for passengers