OMNIplus ON advance

For maximum driver availability

OMNIplus ON advance offers you a multitude of digital services for controlling and ensuring the mobility of your bus and coach fleet in a proactive manner. Through predictive maintenance and repair management, work can be better coordinated and breakdowns effectively avoided. This means OMNIplus ON advance prepares the way for even greater vehicle availability.

The essential platform for proactive workshop management

As a bus operator or public transport company, you cannot put up with breakdowns. Thanks to OMNIplus ON advance with its integrated remote diagnostics from OMNIplus Uptime, your technicians are always fully informed about the condition of your buses. The system permanently monitors all technical vehicle systems for three categories of malfunctions, diagnoses faults and wear, analyzes necessary maintenance measures and gives automated recommendations for action. Naturally, the highest priority is given to avoiding vehicles getting stranded. Enjoy the good feeling of always been a step ahead, with OMNIplus ON.

Using the knowledge we have obtained from our practical experience, we have been able to support the developments of OMNIplus ON Uptime pro from concept to implementation. In the future, this product will make it possible to continuously monitor the technical operating conditions of the vehicles – whether in the depot or on the road – further increasing fleet availability as a result.

Philip Thetens, FFG Fahrzeugwerkstätten Falkenried GmbH, 2022

Discover the advantages

  • Keep an eye on the technical condition of your vehicles
  • Receive recommendations for action when technical problems arise
  • Proactively manage repair and maintenance
  • Analyze the necessary upcoming maintenance measures.
  • Enjoy easy communication with the OMNIplus Service Points


OMNIplus ON Uptime

The intelligent, networked servicing system for maximum vehicle availability

With OMNIplus ON Uptime, you are always a few steps ahead with repairs and maintenance. OMNIplus ON Uptime carries out automatic and continuous analysis, using the most modern telemetrics technologies, of millions of transmitted vehicle data, on the basis of bus-specific requirements. The system categorizes the notifications and derives practical and effective recommendations for action for you.

Avoiding breakdowns

OMNIplus ON Uptime gives you that time advantage that all business leaders rely on for success. Through detailed advance information, your workshop can always prepare in the best way for the tasks ahead and minimize servicing times. If, for example, various repair and maintenance works can be completed as a bundle, only one workshop appointment is necessary, instead of several subsequent appointments. If the danger arises that a bus will break down because of a serious defect, our 24h Service will give you immediate support in looking for the nearest Service Point on your route and will coordinate the repairs and spare part procurement.

Proactive repair and maintenance management

Because your bus or coach is only economically viable when it is on the road and making money, the foremost goal of OMNIplus ON Uptime is to keep it running as long as possible, even permanently. The functions for OMNIplus ON Uptime have been developed by bus diagnostics experts and experienced service technicians and are continuously improved in intensive practical tests. Thanks to intelligent networking, the corresponding status notifications are, depending on urgency, transmitted directly to the OMNIplus 24h Service at your preferred service base and also to the OMNIplus ON portal. So you can profit from all the advantages of OMNIplus Uptime, your Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches must be equipped with an in-built Bus Data Center. This networks your bus or your entire fleet and also creates the onward forwarding connection to our service bases across Europe via OMNIplus 24h Service. This means you can be sure that no time will be lost and that the expense of resolving malfunctions will be reduced as much as possible.

OMNIplus ON Uptime – all advantages at a glance
  • Predictive monitoring of diagnostics information with direct recommendations for action
  • Increased vehicle availability through minimization of downtime
  • Early recognition of the need for repairs or maintenance
  • Avoidance of increased damage or knock-on effects through rigorous early recognition
  • Fully automated information forwarding to the OMNIplus 24h Service network
  • Personal support from your preferred OMNIplus Service Point
  • Clustering of workshop appointments for planning optimization
  • Reduction of overall costs for your fleet management

OMNIplus ON Uptime pro

Vehicle diagnostic data for optimised workshop management and increased vehicle availability

OMNIplus ON Uptime pro offers you real-time diagnostics data on the vehicle and all relevant notifications from the driver display. The system categorises error notifications and offers you the ability to make rapid, cost-efficient decisions. With OMNIplus ON Uptime pro, you always have full oversight of the condition of your bus and coach fleet and are able to control repairs and maintenance proactively.

Full data access – in real time

The digital service “OMNIplus ON Uptime pro” is perfectly tailored to large fleets with their own workshops. In the OMNIplus ON Portal, you have constant access to all the relevant diagnostics information – and in real time. What is the current status of the vehicle? Remote short tests, giving access to current and logged errors and their environmental data, give you assurance at once without your workshop staff first needing to connect a diagnostic device. What is the driver trying to say to the traffic manager? Full transparency concerning reports from the driver display will fill you in completely, making communication easier. What repairs are needed so that a bus can be on the road on time tomorrow? Critical error reports are pre-interpreted at once and concrete recommendations for action derived for your workshop. Complete transparency: with Uptime Pro from OMNIplus ON, no questions remain unanswered.

Real decision-making aids during your working day

Uptime pro from OMNIplus ON gives you the best possible support in keeping your fleet running at all times. The system, with its ultra-modern telemetry, analyses millions of transferred vehicle data – thus making both driver communication and workshop management easier. In addition, your staff’s workload is reduced, vehicle availability increased and cost-intensive exchanges during operations avoided. The services available within OMNIplus ON Uptime pro have been developed by bus and coach diagnostics experts and experienced service technicians and specially optimised for the demands of larger fleet operators with their own workshops. You can find all information on a clear user interface in the OMNIplus ON Portal in the “advance” area. Notifications on the driver display will always keep you in the picture during deployment. And the status of your vehicles can also be seen at all times. If certain thresholds are exceeded or not met, an automatic error report is also triggered. If a bus or coach has critical status values, the system will generate a severity level by means of complex algorithms. This will help you decide if the vehicle can finish its run or needs to be exchanged and returned to the workshop.

OMNIplus ON Uptime pro – the advantages at a glance
  • Predictive monitoring of all relevant vehicle diagnostic data on the OMNIplus ON Portal
  • Increased vehicle availability through minimisation of downtime
  • Detect any repairs or maintenance needed early on
  • Full transparency of vehicle diagnostic data and possible use in third-party systems using OMNIplus ON Data Packages with an API
  • Transfer of all relevant fault messages and status data from the vehicle almost in real time – without a physical connection to the workshop diagnostic tester
  • Makes procedures easier for workshop staff because remote quick tests eliminate the need to drive to the vehicle and the diagnosis no longer has to be carried out manually
  • Prioritisation of error reports by severity
  • Avoidance of increased damage or knock-on effects through rigorous early detection
  • No need for costly, unnecessary replacement vehicles during the trip when error reports are non-critical
  • Increased operational quality and passenger satisfaction thanks to the avoidance of frequent vehicle changes during operation
  • Real-time mirroring of event notifications from the driver’s display
  • Future-proof, secure and extensible digital technology
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