Replacement parts

For sustainable torque

OMNIplus also offers propshafts as cost-effective, genuine remanufactured parts

Propshafts are used to transfer the torque between the transmission and drive axle. OMNIplus has added further models to its genuine remanufactured parts portfolio.

Tremendous forces act on propshafts, which is why robustness, durability and precise machining are pivotal. As an OMNIplus genuine remanufactured part, propshafts meet the very highest quality standards and also impress with their good life cycle assessment. When it comes to performance, it is no different from a new part. At the same time, your own bus/touring coach remains an original when installing an OMNIplus genuine remanufactured part.

Propshaft as a genuine remanufactured part

Propshafts perform an important function in buses/touring coaches, as they transfer the power between the transmission and drive axles. They need to compensate for angular misalignment and relative movement in order to transmit the torque without generating vibrations themselves. The safety and comfort of a bus/touring coach therefore depend on joints, bearings and the shaft itself meeting the highest quality and machining standards.


"Propshafts perform an important function in buses/touring coaches, as they transfer the power between the transmission and drive axles."


Sustainable remanufacturing process

OMNIplus genuine remanufactured parts meet this high quality standard thanks to their careful remanufacturing process. In this process, all wear and accessory parts, such as the universal joints, including all seals and the needle bearings, are replaced with genuine new parts. At the same time, careful consideration is given to which components can be reused. These are professionally cleaned before assembly. This kind of remanufacturing saves raw materials and reduces CO2 emissions compared with the production of a new propshaft, making the bus/touring coach even more sustainable.

Series production test conditions

After remanufacturing, an end-of-line test including a fine balancing process and a vibration test according to series production standards ensure that the genuine remanufactured part meets the same quality standard as a new part. OMNIplus also offers a one-year warranty. This makes genuine remanufactured parts a cost-effective alternative to new parts with which buses/touring coaches of all ages can be kept on the road.

Thanks to the high availability levels of genuine remanufactured parts, OMNIplus ensures fast repair and short downtimes of the vehicles. Replacement is also worthwhile: OMNIplus offers its customers appealing compensation for their old propshafts, provided that they meet the current return criteria.

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