Long-distance bus servicing

So long-distance buses are always neat, tidy and ready to go

Long-distance buses are the marathon runners of the fleet. To keep the wheels rolling, OMNIplus has developed two long-distance bus service packages. The Basic package is focused on rapid, deep cleaning. The Premium package adds further services and provides a parking space. With its functional long-distance bus check, OMNIplus also offers to inspect important components.

There are two long-distance bus service packages for you to choose between

A neat appearance is essential in a long-distance bus. For guests, it reflects the quality and also the safety of the trip. This is what the Basic long-distance bus service package focuses on. After an exterior wash, the coach is once again ready to shine. After this comes a deep clean of the passenger compartment. During longer stops, the Premium long-distance bus service package shows its strengths. Alongside careful cleaning inside and out, OMNIplus will drain the waste water tank and refill the fresh water. A safe parking space for the bus or coach and a hotel for the driver to take the required break will be right nearby.

An additional option: the functional long-distance bus check

Do you want to have the functional safety of your long-distance buses regularly checked? The OMNIplus long-distance bus check is perfect for this and is made up of an inspection of the interior, exterior and engine bay. During a stop at an OMNIplus service partner’s premises, essential safety, technical and comfort systems will be conscientiously inspected. Whether it’s the interior lighting or individual functions of the lavatory, the presence of the complete emergency kit or a review of the performance of the air filter – everything inside the bus is put under the microscope. On the outside, the lighting, tyres, windscreen, windows and wiper fluid levels are checked. The engine bay is assessed for leaks, the belt drive tensioner inspected and the oil and coolant levels topped up if necessary. OMNIplus recommends carrying out the long-distance bus check on a quarterly basis. It will be documented by a dated sticker on the entrance doors of the bus or coach.

The most important facts at a glance

  • A tailor-made service for long-distance bus operators
  • Two long-distance bus service packages: Basic and Premium
  • Optional: long-distance bus check