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eBus Service – Available throughout Europe

A total of 95 OMNIplus Service Centres all over Europe offer services and repairs for electric buses

Making the switch to electric buses not only requires the right charging infrastructure, but also specialist workshops. Maintenance and repair work on high-voltage components calls for specially trained employees, particular tools and specialist workshop equipment. This could be a major hurdle for most transport companies and medium-sized bus fleet operators if it were not for the OMNIplus service network. A total of 95 service outlets in Europe – of which 44 are located in Germany – are qualified to work on high-voltage systems and provide a range of eBus services.

Working on high-voltage components is strictly for specialists
It is perfectly usual for most transport companies and many medium-sized bus fleet operators to have an in-house workshop. However, in-house workshops are equipped to deal with diesel buses and have limited scope for repairing electric buses. This is because high-voltage systems carry 600 volts that can pose a lethal hazard.

“Work on high-voltage components may only be carried out by workshop employees who have been specially trained for this purpose”, explains Uwe Brückner, Head of the OMNIplus Service Centre Hamburg. This applies not only to work on inverters, high-voltage cables and fuses, but also to work required on electric drive axles or roof-mounted air-conditioning systems. “Here in Hamburg, we already have around 15 years of experience with electric buses”, reports Brückner. “Our employees were among the first to be qualified to work on high-voltage components.”


“Work on high-voltage components may only be carried out by workshop employees who have been specially trained for this purpose.”

Uwe Brückner, Head of OMNIplus Service Centre Hamburg


eBus Services Centres have workstations that are specially equipped for electric buses. A high-voltage charger is part of the basic equipment of every eBus workshop. Modern rooftop workstations let technicians work safely on the eCitaro's roof-mounted components. If required, a crane transports heavy batteries directly from the bus to a battery workbench.

“As at many other eBus Service Centres, our employees here in Hamburg have the highest levels of qualifications for working on live systems", says Uwe Brückner. “That is why we can even carry out repairs on batteries.” In addition to specialist knowledge, this also requires special insulated tools and appropriate protective equipment. For safety reasons, a second person must always be present when working on live systems.

Further service network expansion planned
As Uwe Brückner knows from his own experience, it is not just smaller electric bus fleets and companies new to electric mobility that use the repair services provided by the OMNIplus eBus Service Centres. “Even large electric bus customers from the region who have their own electric bus workshops are happy to utilise our expertise and have parts of their vehicles repaired by us.” Customers also benefit from the technical progress being made in electric bus technology.

The steady rise in the number of eCitaro buses in operation is also noticeable in the OMNIplus eBus Service Centres. More and more of these vehicles are joining fleets outside of Hamburg as well and the need for specialist workshops is increasing across the country. For this reason, plans are in place to further expand the service network, which already offers comprehensive electric bus services in 95 workshops across Europe.

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