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OMNIplus presents an extended range of training courses at a new URL.

New year, new URL, new training offers: with OMNIplus’s versatile training courses, bus/coach drivers and workshop employees stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Working with high-voltage components: OMNIplus high-voltage workshop training courses convey important basic principles for greater safety and efficiency.

Even the best and most modern bus/coach is only as good as the people who drive it or keep it in good shape. Buses and coaches from Daimler Buses are not only technically at the forefront, but also the training programme is always on the cutting edge. Since the beginning of the year, OMNIplus’s comprehensive range of training courses has been available online at the new URL


"The need for high-voltage qualifications for workshop employees in particular has increased sharply."

Tobias Wölki, Head of Training at OMNIplus


New high-voltage workshop training sessions.

OMNIplus has consistently expanded its extensive workshop training offering for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses/coaches. For a better overview, it is structured according to various fields of competence, such as “Drive” or “Suspension/brakes”.

“The need for high-voltage qualifications for workshop employees in particular has increased sharply,” reports Tobias Wölki, Head of Training at OMNIplus. The new “high-voltage” field of competence therefore includes many workshop training courses for the professional and safe maintenance and repair of electric buses and touring coaches. In this context, appropriately equipped sample workstations are available in Dortmund – and recently also in Mannheim – for hands-on face-to-face training.

Enjoying the new workshop training sessions on high-voltage technology: Tobias Wölki, Head of Training at OMNIplus.

Touring coaches with new electronics architecture.

The 'Electrics' competence field also offers new, electrifying learning content. The reason here is that the next generation of touring coaches in the Setra TopClass and ComfortClass will be equipped with a completely newly developed electronics architecture. Accompanying the introduction of the new touring coaches, OMNIplus offers the appropriate workshop training courses. From the basics of conventional electrics to reading circuit diagrams and telematics, a wide variety of knowledge areas are offered.

Tobias Wölki also sees a very significant customer advantage based on the example of the new electronics architecture. "As a manufacturer’s own training provider, OMNIplus is always in close contact with development and production. This means that the latest technology is always automatically updated."


"This is how first-hand knowledge transfer works."

Nils Ungericht, Coordinator DriverTraining at OMNIplus


This also applies to the energy supply: for Nils Ungericht, Coordinator DriverTraining at OMNIplus, the profound expertise of his driver trainers is an unbeatable argument. "Our team was closely involved in the development of the new Setra touring coaches, which also included testing the new assistance systems such as the 360° camera system and the new on-board infotainment system. The same drivers are now also carrying out the ExpertHandling training. This is how first-hand knowledge transfer works," Ungericht is convinced.

Making drivers fit for the next generation of Setra touring coaches: Nils Ungericht, Coordinator DriverTraining at OMNIplus.

Take advantage of different forms of learning.

OMNIplus also offers blended training in some areas of expertise. This refers to the combination of e-learning, online training in the form of virtual classrooms and face-to-face training. For Wölki, this is an innovative learning concept with a future: "Blended learning has proved very effective after its launch during the pandemic. It combines the advantages of virtual knowledge transfer with the in-depth knowledge gained through practical application in on-site training, and this without a great deal of travelling."

The current OMNIplus training program can now be viewed and booked online at If you have any questions about registration and booking, contact the OMNIplus Training team directly by e-mail at

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