BestAge Repair

So your buses and coaches run for longer

Even if your Mercedes-Benz or Setra is getting long in the tooth, it is still in good hands with the professionals from OMNIplus. The BestAge Repair programme provides the full range of services for retaining and even increasing the value of older buses and coaches. It is composed of a whole package of individual measures specifically matched to the condition of the vehicle and your requirements.

1 offer, 3 service areas

The BestAge Repair programme essentially focuses on three service areas. The first area, “Original Parts”, covers the procurement and replacement of components. Here, the experts from OMNIplus offer attractively priced products especially tailored to “best agers”. In the second service area, “Maintenance & Repair”, the customer benefits from financially attractive package prices for wear-and-tear repairs or the full Economy Service. When it comes to the third BestAge Repair service area, “Valeting & Care”, the focus is also on the economic benefit for the customer. An example of this is the targeted reconditioning of the dashboard.

Original parts and genuine reman parts

We make sure you get the right original replacement parts as fast as possible. The age of the vehicle is immaterial here. All parts in circulation are made available to you for at least 15 years after the end of production, and many far beyond this period.

Genuine reman parts save you money and at the same time protect the environment. These remanufactured parts fully match the high quality benchmarks achieved in mass production.

Maintenance and repair

Fixed-price offers for wear repair including attractive deals on any wear parts in stock, such as brakes and clutches, and the labour involved in installation.

OMNIplus Economy Service provides a maintenance and review package and a lubrication and oil changing service. You decide what is right for your vehicle, keeping the flexibility you need.

Valeting and care

Paintwork, glass and plastic damage and damage to the dashboard, interior and bodywork can be rapidly and easily improved or eliminated with OMNIplus SmallRepair.

Interior, engine compartment and carpet cleaning are services covered by the care package.

The most important facts at a glance

  • A special offer for “best age" buses and coaches
  • Three service areas: Original Parts, Maintenance & Repair, Valeting & Care
  • All services from a single provider