Original parts for BestAgers at attractive prices

A reworked portfolio of original parts makes OMNIplus BestAge Repair even more attractive.

Brand loyalty pays off: with BestAge Repair, OMNIplus offers a range of services that lets the potential of older buses and coaches be retained for a longer term. Original replacement parts play an essential role here.

To improve vehicle availability and value-retention, OMNIplus has long offered special treatment for older buses and coaches as part of its portfolio: BestAge Repair. Here, customers benefit from manufacturer-quality services and attractive prices. And another advantage: all the services come from a single provider. This reduces expenditure and downtime.

Services tailored to your needs.
The OMNIplus BestAge Repair programme consists of a large number of individual measures. These are adapted to the age of the vehicle and consider its current condition and purpose of use.

The OMNIplus BestAge Repair programme consists of a large number of individual measures.

The BestAge Repair services can be subdivided into three categories. The first building block covers the procurement and replacement of parts. The second relates to “maintenance & repair” – including, among others, attractive fixed-price offers for typical wear repairs. The fitness programme for BestAger buses is rounded off by the third component, “valeting & care”, in which, alongside sprucing up the appearance of the vehicle, small repairs are the focus.

Value-for-money original parts for BestAgers.
It is precisely the use of original parts that shows how focused BestAge Repair is on maintaining the high quality of buses into their advanced years, while still keeping an eye on the costs. OMNIplus provides original replacement parts at consistent, attractive prices, as well as making all-in-one offers for wear repairs.

The range of OMNIplus original parts available to older vehicles, now once again optimised, focuses on the chassis, brakes and power train. The full plethora of BestAge Repair original parts for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches will be available in its new extent from 2023.

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