OMNIplus ServiceCard Basic.

Your ticket to 100% bus-specific service.

A summary of the most important facts

  • Free application for ServiceCard Basic
  • Important for OMNIplus 24h SERVICE, repair and spare parts service
  • Includes Mobility Basic package

The basic mobility package is processed via OMNIplus ServiceCard Basic. In combination with the basic mobility package, it is the ideal accompaniment for Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus customers.

How to apply for your ServiceCard

Download the card application.
Complete the card application in full.
Please print out the form.
Send the signed card application by email or post to the following address:

Mercedes ServiceCard GmbH & Co. KG
Mainparkstraße 2,
63801 Kleinostheim
Tel. +49 6027 509-567
Fax +49 602 509-77567

Should you require additional OMNIplus ServiceCard Basic cards, they may be ordered here using your customer number.

The service card is always provided in combination with the Basic mobility package. You thus automatically benefit from the extensive services.

The OMNIplus ServiceCard Basic is valid for 6 years and is automatically renewed by the card company. When using the card in the event of a breakdown or for a workshop appointment, you simply need to give the card number and the expiry date.

OMNIplus basic mobility package

The Basic mobility package includes both our OMNIplus ServiceCard Basic and the OMNIplus ServiceCard Premium, which provide you with a number of mobility services:

Repair and parts service

The OMNIplus basic mobility package allows OMNIplus customers to make cashless payments for service work which is incurred plus genuine parts and accessories required for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses at all bus service points within the OMNIplus service network.


The OMNIplus ServiceCard is your key to fast and professional assistance in the event of a breakdown - the OMNIplus 24h SERVICE - around the clock and all across Europe.

Financial guarantee

In the event of breakdowns and repairs, an Internet-based system offers you an initial bus-specific financial guarantee, which can be increased online. This enables the service department to start work immediately, getting your bus back on the road as soon as possible.

International invoicing standards

In addition to our standards for repair and qualifications, we guarantee our customers centrally controlled invoicing standards. This is possible based on fixed kilometer rates throughout Europe and fixed allowances for labor and replacement part sales outside normal business hours as well as the partial absorption of express fees for parts.

Invoicing system

Central, bi-monthly invoicing via UTA, including a detailed listing of individual items.