ServiceCard Premium

Your ultimate service package when on the road

No better card has ever been available to bus companies in Europe. In case of breakdowns, your OMNIplus ServiceCard Premium will help at any time, guaranteeing your bus or coach receives specialist servicing and top-quality replacement parts. And your drivers also benefit from useful supplementary services on the road: fuel bills and toll charges can be paid easily, cash-free. Get your ServiceCard Premium and enjoy à la carte bus-specific services!

Your ideal companion across Europe

The ServiceCard Premium is ideal if, alongside bus-specific services, you also want a cashless payment function for petrol stations and tollbooths. The UTA Diesel Service offers cashless payment at a comprehensive, retailer-independent network of stations – 55,000 of them across 38 European countries. In addition, it ensures simple, cashless payment via UTA on nearly all toll roads, at the most heavily used toll bridges and tunnels and on most ferry services running on the Baltic, North Sea and Mediterranean.

Mobility as a package

The ServiceCard Premium from OMNIplus of course covers all the services provided in the Basic package. It allows you to pay for all service costs and any required original replacement parts and accessories for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches at all the Service Points in the OMNIplus Service Network. OMNIplus 24h SERVICE ensures rapid, specialist support – across Europe and round the clock. In case of a breakdown and where repairs are needed, the ServiceCard offers the workshop rapid, hassle-free, guaranteed payment. This payment guarantee allows the Service Point to start work without delay, meaning your bus will soon be ready to go again. What’s more: alongside the high OMNIplus standards for repair execution and qualifications, the valid European invoicing standards apply to the billing process for OMNIplus 24h SERVICE. They ensure unified flat rates per kilometre and fixed surcharges for labour and replacement parts outside regular opening times. At the same time, when you use your card within our OMNIplus Service Network, no extra charges are added. So you can always keep your eye on the outgoings, invoicing for your card transactions is handled centrally every 14 days by the provider, UTA.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Access to the OMNIplus Service Network of over 600 Service Points across Europe
  • Professional repairs and replacement parts service
  • OMNIplus 24h SERVICE
  • Payment guarantees for repairs and breakdowns
  • International invoicing standards
  • Cashless refuelling at over 55,000 petrol stations across Europe
  • Payment function for tolls and ferries