OMNIplus restart check

Custom bus and coach servicing – and we are happy to come to you.


With the pandemic restrictions loosening, mothballed buses and coaches have begun to return to the road. To ensure the restart goes completely smoothly, OMNIplus offers an expert restart check as a comprehensive service.

Whether it’s a coach, intercity or city bus – any vehicle, when left unused for longer periods, needs to be put through a thorough check-up before it returns to the road. If it has been out of action for more than a month, a whole series of measures need to be carried out to make sure the vehicle suffers no damage.

A thorough check-up before returning to the road
For just such situations, OMNIplus has developed an attractive service offer covering every necessary inspection and monitoring activity. It includes inspecting the fluids such as coolant and oil, checking the electrics, carefully going over every single pipe, cable and filter – and much more.

Inspection takes place on site
If buses and coaches have been decommissioned, they must not be moved. For this reason, the experienced service technicians from OMNIplus will be glad to come to you. If your premises does not have a suitable space for carrying out the check-up, we will organise a safe transfer to our Service Point.

Don’t take any chances when restarting your Mercedes-Benz or Setra buses. If you want to carry out this important restart check together with OMNIplus, just get in touch with your Service Point.

Use the online service registry to find an OMNIplus Service Point right now!