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Turning assistant – more safety through retrofitting

OMNIplus retrofits vehicles with Blind Spot Assist.

It’s always safety first in Daimler Buses. Of course, this does not just apply to new vehicles. In order to update existing vehicles with the latest technology, the servicing brand OMNIplus also offers retrofitting options for Setra buses and coaches. And these also include currently relevant topics such as blind-spot assistance systems.

The turning assistant supports the driver above all when turning towards the door side, by making them aware of other road users and warning of any danger of collision. The retrofit with this blind-spot assistance system is possible from year of manufacture 2010 and can be applied to the accessible Setra LE business models. For older vehicles, we can check if the retrofit is possible on request.

A modern turning assistant for the accessible Setra LE business models
The “Retrofit of Blind Spot Assist“ offer from OMNIplus involves retrofitting with a radar-supported system. These systems have achieved the best results in terms of road safety in internal Daimler tests and ADAC inspection. Both in trials on test grounds and in real-life road use, it has been demonstrated that radar systems offer the best possible safety particularly in situations of poor visibility – eg. at night, in bad weather conditions or fog.

Warning with acoustic and optical signals
Blind Spot Assist can differentiate between moving and stationary objects, reducing false positives to a minimum. A high level of vehicle integration via CAN connection (FMS interface required) is another advantage of the system, ensuring an optimal tachometer signal. If a potential danger arises in the blind spot on the door side of the bus, the driver is warned with acoustic and optical signals and can thus react quickly.

Information on the Sideguard Assist Retrofit:
- Possible for the accessible Setra LE business models
- Retrofit for all vehicles built from 2010 onwards (older vehicles on request)
- A radar-supported system is used (for best results even during night driving)
- Retrofitting is possible from the 4th quarter of 2019
- Differentiation of moving and stationary objects
- Large detection area
- Tried-and-tested, robust technology
- Retrofit available immediately

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