Mercedes-Benz Bus beim Fahrertraining auf nasser Fahrbahn.


A summary of the most important facts

  • Safety Training in order to minimise accidents and maximise the safety of your passengers
  • Training at a location of your choice or at a suitable safety centre nearby
  • Several days of Premium Safety Training exclusively at the Hockenheim Ring

Your bus is valuable. So is your reputation as a bus company. This is why you require training courses that bring your drivers up to speed on all safety-related topics, and prepare them and provide the necessary knowledge for exceptional situations, so that both big and small accidents can be avoided and the safety of your passengers increased.

With our OMNIplus safety training courses, we provide the right option for every driver, every task and every demand. As part of our on-site Basic SafetyTraining, we visit your location, together with our equipment – a sliding surface, speed measurement equipment, traffic lights and pylons.

As an alternative, you can choose our Basic Plus SafetyTraining in suitable driving safety centers. There are several in Germany, where large sliding surfaces, downhill gradients and circular surfaces for driving dynamics testing provide all the necessary elements to simulate critical driving situations.

On the Hockenheim race track, you can drive with us with the security of a world champion. This is the location for our OMNIplus Premium SafetyTraining. During the 2-1/2 day course, the training schedule includes highway-speed driving maneuvers, practical exercises for dealing with emergency situations as well as simulated fire extinguishing. Experience competence and expertise in the pole position. And rest assured that your buses will not come up against their limits, even in critical situations.

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