Helping people with limited mobility & first aid training

help and care for your passengers – keeping safe on the road

Some passengers need special care and attention. Your driver should be well prepared for this. For this reason, the OMNIplus Driver Training focuses on making participants aware of disabilities and how to behave appropriately towards passengers with limited mobility. In addition, it provides essential first-aid knowledge.

Mastering sensitive situations
The role of a driver goes far beyond just operating the vehicle. They are expected also to address the needs of their passengers. In emergencies, they are the first-aider providing urgent medical attention. This OMNIplus training deals with exactly these aspects. The first part deals with how to interact with passengers with limited mobility. This includes, for example, careful handling of wheelchairs and other mobility aids and the use of boarding and disembarking aids. In the second part, first aid is on the programme, including how to rescue and position sick or injured people. Your drivers will also learn how to check for vital functions and carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Stopping life-threatening bleeding and treating people in shock are also part of the training.

Learn where you like.
The one-day training course can take place on your premises, at your local Daimler Buses Service Center or in one of the participating Service Points.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Sensitive and confident treatment of people with limited mobility
  • Safe handling of wheelchairs and mobility aids
  • First aid refresher course
  • Training at your premises or our Service Point
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