Mercedes-Benz Bus beim Fahrertraining auf nasser Fahrbahn.


A summary of the most important facts

  • Training for the optimum use of all technological systems
  • Improving awareness among your employees for economical and ecological driving
  • Tip: book a training session as soon as the new vehicle arrives

By using highly efficient technological systems in the new, modern vehicles, they make a greater contribution towards economic and ecological efficiency than might initially be expected of them.

In order to harness this valuable potential optimally for the specific applications of your fleet, it is essential for all bus drivers to not only learn about the possibilities and functions which your new vehicles offer, but also to learn how to use them properly.

This is why we have added a new module on professional vehicle use to the OMNIplus DriverTraining portfolio. The OMNIplus ExpertHandling Training provides you with the opportunity to increase awareness among employees for economic and environmental efficiency when driving their new vehicles. As an extra bonus, we also offer this training exactly where it is needed: on or next to your premises.

Our programme includes a theoretical and practical introduction, as well as practice drives and information on the current assistance systems which help ensure economical and ecological driving. In this way, a basis for passenger-friendly and fuel-saving journeys can be created.

Of course, this module can also be combined with the other OMNIplus DriverTraining programmes, such as EcoTraining and SafetyTraining.

We recommend completing this training as soon as you receive the new buses in order to ensure your drivers are well versed in their vehicles right from the start. We will be more than happy to schedule the date with you.

Training at your premises

  • All drivers employed at the premises are given detailed instruction.
  • We use your vehicles and thus provide your drivers with practical training in a familiar environment.

Product benefits

  • Relaxed passengers thanks to confident driving based on tailored product instruction.
  • Lower fuel consumption thanks to the optimum use of your new bus.
  • Protecting the environment by maximising the potential of the technological systems in our vehicles.
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