ExpertHandling Training

Understand and use vehicle systems to the fullest

Through the rigorous use of highly efficient driver assistance systems in your new Mercedes-Benz or Setra, you can make sure it contributes to improving the efficiency of your company. Use the OMNIplus Expert Handling Training to ensure your drivers know and properly apply the possibilities and functionalities of these innovative technologies.

Save money – and the environment
The OMNIplus Expert Handling Training offers you the opportunity to make your drivers aware of how to use their vehicles in an economical and ecologically sensitive way. Our programme includes both theoretical and practical instruction. This includes test drives and thorough instruction in the use of all assistance systems. This lays the basis for passenger-friendly, fuel-efficient travel. It makes sense to complete the training directly after delivery of your new vehicle, so that your drivers know the entire system back to front from the very first trip.

Learn where you like
As a special service for you, we offer the driver training right where you need the knowledge most: at your premises. This will mean all the drivers you employ can be comprehensively trained. By completing the Expert Handling Training using your own vehicles, we can offer your drivers practical instruction in a familiar environment. We will be happy to arrange an appointment for this. Of course, the OMNIplus Expert Handling Training can also be supplemented by further provision such as Eco Training and Safety Training.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Training in the optimal use of all technical vehicle systems
  • Sensitises your employees to economical and ecological driving styles
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Protects the environment
  • Relaxes passengers thanks to driver expertise
  • Our tip: book the training directly after delivery of a new vehicle
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