Bus beim Fahrertraining auf nasser Fahrbahn mit Verkehrsleitkegeln.

OMNIplus Training.

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Start of the OMNIplus Bus Training Platform

Training at any time and anywhere. The new OMNIplus online training portal makes this even simpler and more attractive.

The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has shown us just how important digital teaching is these days. Learning any time and anywhere has now become normal. In accordance with this, OMNIplus has created the powerful Bus Training Platform. At www.bus-training.daimler.com you can now book a large number of training courses, flexibly, with immediate effect and Europe-wide, in fourteen bus markets, so that your drivers and workshop staff can acquire specific qualifications. As the platform is shared with Mercedes-Benz Truck Training, you also have the opportunity to access truck training courses.

Digital learning concepts

From the beginning of 2021, we also offer you a wide range of practical e-learning options in different fields of competence on our new Bus Training Platform. The online training is part of our comprehensive training portfolio and also serves as preparation for the attended training courses, which continue to exist. The following training programmes await you on the platform:

T 81 034: Introduction to the eCitaro
T 81 310: Basics of pneumatics
T 81 500: How to read circuit diagrams
T 81 598 Handling lithium-ion batteries safely
T 81 723: Air conditioning systems, expertise for EU Directive 307, 2008
T 81 908: Refresher course, VeDoc alteration authorisation for truck and bus

Simplified navigation and multilingual service

The new online training portal is user-friendly and intuitive to use. At www.bus-training.daimler.com, you can log in with your existing Daimler ID / XENTRY ID. This then takes you to the training course catalogue, where you can book training programmes for yourself and your staff. To find the right training programme, there are several filter criteria to assist you, sorting the range according to fields of competence, learning fields and also language and training location. The latter can be particularly useful, for example if speakers of other languages need to be trained in a particular country. Also, you always have a clear view of upcoming training courses and the training history for you and your staff. This helps your staff to gain targeted qualification.

If you do not have the access details (Daimler ID / XENTRY ID) or you do not yet have access data, but you are interested in joining a training course, then please contact us at bus-training@daimler.com. We will be glad to make a booking for you, provide you with your personal log-in data for the Bus Training Platform, and answer your questions at any time.

In the near future you will also be able to access the available training programmes without log-in data on the publicly accessible catalogue on the start page.

Would you like to learn more and take action? This way to the Bus Training Platform: www.bus-training.daimler.com.

Your EvoBus Bus & Coach Training team

Your passengers should feel safe and at ease. This is something your drivers know first hand. This is why you seek out suitable training measures. The bus and coach business is tough, and every day is full of new challenges. Your driving staff needs the skills to tackle their jobs with maximum efficiency and the proper training to cover all important areas of their work. The proper handling of your fleet should not be neglected, since increasing fuel prices and unnecessary workshop visits can be an issue to your success.

Based on our long-term experience, we have tailored all of our training courses to meet your needs. At the same time we also live up to various requirements specified in the Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). We provide the perfect combination of theory and practice and only employ qualified experts and trainers. Let us convince you of our dedication to buses and coaches.