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OMNIplus ON offers you a wide range of digital services in real time – for maximum vehicle availability and the greatest possible economy. Such as, for example, OMNIplus ON advance with remote diagnosis. This keeps an eye on the technical condition of your vehicles at all times, avoiding unnecessary and cost-intensive shutdowns.

Through management reports, effective recommendations for action are automatically derived for workshop management and service planning is optimized. In this way, you can ensure greater vehicle availability and avoid unnecessary, cost-intensive shutdowns. In addition, OMNIplus ON offers further services making your business tangibly easier and more efficient, such as deployment analyses, driving style evaluation, replacement parts purchasing and driver support.

OMNIplus ON advance
For maximum driver availability

OMNIplus ON advance offers you a multitude of digital services for controlling and ensuring the mobility of your bus and coach fleet in a proactive manner. Through predictive maintenance and repair management, work can be better coordinated and breakdowns effectively avoided. This means OMNIplus ON advance prepares the way for even greater vehicle availability.

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OMNIplus ON monitor
For efficient fleet management

With OMNIplus monitor, the fleet manager can keep an eye on the fleet, all the time, anywhere. This means buses and coaches can be located, journey times can be recorded and routes more efficiently designed. From fuel and energy consumption to driver card and mass storage downloads – all the information is available in real time and can be accessed at any time via your mobile device. Any further questions? The digital services from OMNIplus ON monitor will provide the answers.

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OMNIplus ON commerce
For optimised purchasing management

In OMNIplus ON commerce, you have universal provision for efficient and frictionless bus and coach operation. Shop comfortably in Europe’s largest store for bus replacement parts. Or book digital services online and virtual vehicle data interfaces for your bus or coach.

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OMNIplus ON drive
For the best possible driver support

In OMNIplus ON drive you will find all the digital services needed to give the driver the best possible level of support. From pre-departure checks to reporting damage – everything works easily thanks to a smartphone app. And the same goes for monitoring essential vehicle systems. Discover further illuminating advantages in OMNIplus ON drive, to improve efficiency in your drivers’ everyday lives.

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Discover the digital services of OMNIplus ON
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