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Service Contracts

Premium services for your diesel-powered buses and touring coaches

OMNIplus service contracts give a huge boost to your company's prosperity. When buying a Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus or coach, you can choose from a variety of mileages, registration year, additional services and pricing ranges. You will benefit from comprehensive workshop services, the professional expertise of OMNIplus service outlets and the high quality of our genuine parts.

Take advantage of predictable, fixed costs by selecting one of our Basic, BasicPlus, Premium Regional and Premium service contracts. Alternatively, our Premium Dynamic and Premium Regional Dynamic service contracts are based on the actual mileage covered by your buses/touring coaches. All of our service contracts include maintenance as per manufacturer guidelines and various types of repairs depending on the service contract or warranty you select. Also included: the digital OMNIplus ON Uptime service, which continuously checks the status of your vehicle systems in real time. Safeguard the mobility of your fleet now with an OMNIplus service contract.

Select the OMNIplus service contract that suits you best

Which services do you need? Would you prefer to pay in fixed instalments or based on the actual mileage? What about add-on packages? Would you like to choose a preferred service centre near you? No problem! You decide which service contract is right for your company.

OMNIplus service contracts at a glance

Our OMNIplus service contracts all include identical maintenance essentials as well as a range of repair options. Also available: Europe-wide 24h service and digital OMNIplus ON Uptime service. Expand your service contract as required with our outstanding add-on packages.

Scope of services Basic BasicPlus Premium
Vehicle maintenance to manufacturer requirements      
Whole vehicle repairs      
Wear parts are repaired or exchanged      
Incl. 24h SERVICE with towing costs      
OMNIplus ON Uptime*      
Active filters with anti-viral layer      
The following packages are optional:      
Legally mandated general/emissions/safety inspections      
*50% price discount for BasicPlus      



Discover service contracts
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OMNIplus Service Contracts offer you the following benefits

Safety and quality
Original parts and trained specialists guarantee an optimally serviced vehicle – and thereby the safety of you and your passengers.

The highest quality standards where servicing and replacement parts are concerned ensures your fleet is always ready for action.

Foreseeable cost control
Fixed monthly rates or fixed prices for service packages offer planning security and ensure operating cost transparency.

Mileage-based payments
Dynamic service contracts offer usage-dependent, comprehensive care based on the mileage.

Compared with individual workshop services, the package is cheaper.

Regular and competent maintenance increases the resale value of your vehicle.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Three variants: Basic, BasicPlus and Premium
  • Attractive package prices instead of itemised lists
  • Choice of different mileages and registration year
  • You choose: fixed or flexible instalments throughout the entire contract term
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