Discover the digital services of OMNIplus ON monitor

OMNIplus ON monitor

For efficient fleet management

With OMNIplus monitor, the fleet manager can keep an eye on the fleet, all the time, anywhere. This means buses and coaches can be located, journey times can be recorded and routes more efficiently designed. From fuel and energy consumption to driver card and mass storage downloads – all the information is available in real time and can be accessed at any time via your mobile device. Any further questions? The digital services from OMNIplus ON monitor will provide the answers.

The transparent platform to analyse vehicle and driver data

OMNIplus ON monitor provides you with valuable information to be even more economical on the road. The best example: automatic driver card and mass storage download. This allows you to remotely read out any relevant data from the digital tachograph (DTCO), save it and export it for analysis in your own systems. No matter where the vehicle is currently located. In this way, you reduce the effort required for the legal documentation and archiving obligations – and do so automatically. Discover many other telematics services now in OMNIplus ON monitor, providing you with relevant data on the driver and vehicle. The simple and clear presentation in the form of diagrams and the intuitive user interface make the applications really valuable for your company. When will you make your fleet fit for future challenges?

Discover the advantages

  • Receive relevant data on the driver and vehicle with telematics services
  • Download driver card and mass storage data
  • Using consumption overviews, determine potential for improvement in individual vehicles
  • Optimise deployment planning for the fleet
  • Locate the vehicle at any time via GPS
  • Display of all relevant trip information at a glance
  • Recording all important customer fleet usage features to determine improvement potentials for safe and economical driving
Discover the digital services of OMNIplus ON monitor
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