Remote Charge Control

The bidirectional digital service for operational vehicle preparation

With Remote Charge Control from OMNIplus ON, the eCitaro and eCitaro fuel cell can easily be charged accurately and preconditioned to within a minute's accuracy. The digital service for the eCitaro and eCitaro fuel cell works independently of the charging infrastructure and helps to increase the range of the vehicle and the service life of the batteries using preconditioning. This means that your eCitaro or eCitaro fuel cell is always efficiently prepared for the next journey in a way that optimises the batteries.

A service that takes you further

Determine the departure time. Select the type of preconditioning, such as heating, cooling or ventilation. Set the limit for the charging capacity. Or set the maximum state of charge (SOC). With Remote Charge Control, fleet managers are given an efficient service tool to quickly and easily ensure precise operational readiness of their electric bus fleet. The OMNIplus ON bidirectional service innovation is ideal for transport operators running a charging infrastructure without an ISO15118 or VDV261 interface. The functions are accessed by an API, which is also compatible with third-party systems if they support V2ICP.

Remote Charge Control can help you even without the V2ICP standard, because the control system can work independently of the charging infrastructure. The digital service from OMNIplus ON is therefore the ideal alternative for transport operators without a VAS-compatible charging infrastructure, for example charging rails. Also suitable as a temporary solution for the transitional phase from IPv4 to an IPv6 network.

Why preconditioning is so important

Air conditioning and heating of electric buses en route requires a lot of energy. This is energy that has to be generated by the batteries, which has a negative effect on the range. For this reason, the vehicle is preconditioned at the depot so that it can start the day ideally prepared. This means that all the batteries are charged on time at the start of operation and the interior is already preheated or precooled to the desired temperature. The financial advantages: during preconditioning, high-voltage batteries are charged in precharging mode, which extends their service life. More energy is also available from the start, which makes longer route cycles possible. Passenger comfort also benefits: with optimally prepared temperatures in the interior, your passengers immediately feel at ease.

Remote Charge Control – the advantages for you at a glance

  • Allows preconditioning by remote access so that the vehicle is ideally prepared at the start of operation.
  • Creates an overview of the conditioning status, so that the form of preconditioning required is clear.
  • Simplifies charge scheduling: the eCitaro is automatically preconditioned for the defined departure time.
  • Your eCitaros charge at most with the charging capacity set thanks to charging capacity limitation.
  • The state of charge limitation means charging only up to the specified, target SOC.
  • With the Local Smart Charging function, the charging capacity adapts to the available time window.
  • Can be booked per vehicle in the OMNIplus ON portal in the ON commerce section.