So your workshop staff stay fully qualified

Do you have your own workshop and want to carry out as many repairs and maintenance works under your own steam? Then you need workshop staff who are always equipped with the latest knowledge. With OMNIplus WorkshopTraining, your employees can benefit from the knowledge and qualifications of our bus and coach experts – ensuring frictionless, efficient workshop operations and a bus fleet in top form at all times.

The success of OMNIplus WorkshopTraining is in the combination of theoretical teaching and practical training measures. It breaks down into two levels of qualification that follow on from each other: Professional and Master. To ensure maximum efficiency in our training, we use various different teaching methods. With the combination of face-to-face learning and digital media, such as eLearning and virtual classrooms, we can train your workshop employees in a targeted way.

The OMNIplus WorkshopTraining modules in overview

Whether it’s exhaust aftertreatment or electronic braking systems, you can learn how to benefit from modern technology during maintenance and repair.

Comfort systems/bodywork
Air-con and comfort are essential for passengers. Whether it’s repairs to the bodywork or maintenance to the air conditioning system, here you can learn how a bus or coach can make a good impression.

Targeted diagnostics is the key to success these days. Whether it’s electronics, hybrid technology or telematics – this training gives you a good overview.

IT systems
There is a lot of electronics in a modern bus or coach. In our IT training sessions, you can learn how to handle your vehicle IT systems professionally.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Workshop staff training from OMNIplus experts
  • The goal: the ability to carry out fundamental repairs and maintenance independently
  • Two levels of qualification that build on each other
  • Always state-of-the-art
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