24 hour online availability.

OMNIplus OnlineParts Shop

If you would like to order Mercedes-Benz and Setra replacement parts and accessories with proven OMNIplus quality, you can use the OMNIplus OnlineParts Shop at OMNIplus BusWorld Home Coventry and BusPort London.There you can access the ETOL and EPC catalogues and view the availability of replacement parts. If you already know your login data, you can log in using the OMNIplus ServicePortal. If you do not yet have access, please speak with your contact at OMNIplus BusWorld Home Coventry or BusPort London today.

OMNIplus WebParts

You can order replacement parts at all participating service points via OMNIplus WebParts. Ask your contact in the German OMNIplus service network for access data.

OMNIplus Merchandising Shop

If you would like to obtain current brochures or posters related to OMNIplus and different bus or coach models, you can get in touch with your contact person in the UK service network. These items can also be ordered directly via the OMNIplus Merchandising Shop.