Eco Training

To make sure your drivers are particularly fuel-efficient on the road

Fuel prices have exploded, intensifying the economic pressure on companies almost daily. Do you want training to sensitise your drivers in this topic and introduce them to the possibilities of economising? To save your money – and the environment at the same time? OMNIplus Eco Training is driver training that pays off from the very first day.

Make use of saving potentials
The OMNIplus Eco Training shows your drivers that saving fuel and keeping to the timetable need not be in conflict. And that by adapting their driving style, they can reach their destination with less stress, more comfort and better safety – while protecting the environment. The practical seminars don’t just deal with the right driving technique, however, but also communicate a holistic, conscientious driving philosophy. You’ll see the results after the very first fuel bill!

The most important facts at a glance

  • Sensitises your drivers to environmentally conscious, proactive driving
  • Lays the groundwork for a fuel-saving driving style
  • For a holistic, conscientious driving philosophy