OMNIplus Service Contracts Basic, BasicPlus and Premium.

Optimal service from the start

A summary of the most important facts

  • Attractive prices in three packages: Basic, BasicPlus and Premium Regional
  • optimal combination between mileage and contract duration

The advantages at a glance

Safety and quality

GenuineParts and trained professionals guarantee an optimally maintained vehicle – and thus a high standard of safety for you and your passengers


The highest standard of quality when it comes to service and spare parts ensures the availability of your bus fleet

Cost control

Fixed monthly rates or fixed prices for service packages allow for planning security and transparency in your operating costs


Package is less expensive when compared to individual workshop services

Value retention

Regular and professional maintenance increase the resale value of your vehicle

Choose from various total mileages and total running times when buying your Mercedes-Benz or Setra. Benefit from a comprehensive workshop service, the professional expertise of the OMNIplus service outlets and the high quality standard of GenuineParts. Secure your mobility – tailored to requirements and at predictable costs.


ServiceContract Basic is the optimum entry into the service world. It covers all maintenance scopes in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications for your bus.


ServiceContract BasicPlus is the ideal ServiceContract for entrepreneurs who seek optimum basic coverage for their vehicle.

The following additional packages can be selected

Legally prescribed inspections (main inspection/emissions testing)


ServiceContract Premium offers all-round coverage: long-term ease of planning and maximum vehicle availability.

Incl. 24h SERVICE with towing costs

The following additional packages can be selected

Legally prescribed inspections (main inspection/emissions testing)


All maintenance work necessary according to EvoBus guidelines (see Maintenance Booklet/Digital Service Booklet) for all parts installed in the vehicle ex factory, carried out in accordance with the work specifications (excluding supplied parts). Also included is the replacement of parts and operating fluids which need replacing regularly in accordance with the Maintenance Booklet/Digital Service Booklet (excluding fuels).

The following are excluded: impact damage, equipment that is not fixed permanently to the vehicle, care and aesthetic repairs, advertising space, daily inspection work in accordance with the Owner's Manual and the materials required by the company due to repairs, tyres, damage to wheels, glass breakages, upholstery, seat covers, floor covering. In the Basic and BasicPlus contracts, the following are also excluded: surcharges and follow-on costs as part of 24h SERVICE as well as towing costs.

The above lists are merely illustrative. The exact scope of service can be found in the contract documents. (see download box in the column on the right).

Secure this invaluable added value!

By taking out an OMNIplus ServiceContract BasicPlus you can use the OMNIplus Uptime services for a small surcharge of 12 euros/month.
By taking out an OMNIplus ServiceContract Premium you can use the OMNIplus Uptime services free of charge.

If you are interested in our ServiceContract offers or if you have any questions you can approach your salesperson in confidence or contact our ServiceContract Team colleagues directly: or by telephone on +44 (0)2476 626078