OMNIplus Service Contracts BasicPlus and Premium.

Optimal service from the start

A summary of the most important facts

  • attractive prices in two different packages: BasicPlus or Premium
  • optimal combination between mileage and contract duration

The advantages at a glance

  • Greater safety for your customers through an optimally serviced vehicle
  • Greater on-the-road availability through preventative controls and the highest standards for service and spare parts
  • Planned costs through fixed monthly rates and/or fixed costs for the particular Service Package
  • Cheaper package price in comparison to single service price
  • Surer way to maintain the value of your vehicle through regular and competent servicing

With the OMNIplus Service Contracts* you have our commitment to repairing or servicing your Mercedes-Benz or Setra vehicle as soon as possible at attractive prices. Our Service Contracts combine the maintenance service in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, with repair measures of varying complexity, depending on which Service Contract you choose.

When you buy your Mercedes-Benz or Setra vehicle, you can choose between various yearly mileages and lengths of service life. It goes without saying that we can offer you a tailor-made solution so that the Service Contract fits your requirements exactly. Let you and your vehicle benefit from Service via your competent OMNIplus ServicePoint and from high quality original parts from OMNIplus through planned costs. Then you can concentrate on your core business - driving!

Contractual terms for fixed price BasicPlus and Premium packages.

The following contract lengths can be combined with the individual yearly mileage. You can build your own Service Contract at an attractive price.

Yearly mileage**
Service life**
80,000 km
100,000 km
120,000 km
150,000 km
4 years
5 years
6 years
Citybus /intercity bus
Yearly mileage**
Citybus /intercity bus
Service life**
50,000 km
65,000 km
80,000 km
100,000 km
4 years
6 years
8 years

The individual packages include these

Our OMNIplus BasicPlus and Premium service contracts offer different repair packages in addition to the identical maintenance module:


The following wear components will be repaired or replaced if necessary:

  • Brake pads, brake discs
  • Shock absorbers, air bags
  • Drive belts
  • Clutch, according to installation
  • Air filters
  • Wiper blades

Premium (incl. 24h SERVICE)

Everything included in the BasicPlus service contract in addition to all repairs on the whole vehicle including all wearing parts repairs.

all maintenance work in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications [refer to maintenance manual]and all vehicle elements according to vehicle specification with factory built parts, with the exception of supplied parts. Also included is the regular replacement of wear parts, according to the maintenance manual, aside from the fuel.

Excluded from the service contracts are:
statutory inspections, tyres, alloy damage, light bulb replacement, glass replacement, upholstery, seat covers, floor coverings, write-offs, equipment which is not part of the original factory-built vehicle, paint and cosmetic damage repairs, advertising spaces, daily tests via owner's manual and associated material and follow-up costs, which from a repair perspective the company undertakes (eg replacement vehicle).

The above list is representative. The exact scope of service is to be detailed in the Service Contract document. If you are interested or have questions about our Service Contract offers, you can talk in strict confidence to either your Area Sales Manager or directly with a member of the Service Contract Team: or by telephone +49 731 181-9500.

*Available for vehicles with Euro VI engine
**Differing yearly mileage and service life on request