Digital Services

OMNIplus ON monitor: fleet management 2.0

This is how bus companies can always keep an eye on their vehicles and fleet.


Only entrepreneurs and managers who keep detailed control of their fleet can achieve maximum profitability. OMNIplus ON monitor offers modern telematics services to make fleet management noticeably easier and more efficient. A new, cloud-based vehicle data interface has been announced for autumn.

The OMNIplus ON portal at brings together all OMNIplus digital services. In special service areas, workshop managers, purchasers and drivers can receive particular services to make their daily work much easier. For fleet managers, OMNIplus ON monitor is the daily tool they need to keep an overview of vehicle and driver data.

Extensive telematics services from September 2019

The free OMNIplus ON monitor basic services already deliver much useful information and ensure maximum transparency in the fleet. For example, fleet managers can identify the fuel saving potential of the bus and coach fleet using consumption values, or determine its running performance. All information is viewable in the OMNIplus ON Portal – in real time. From autumn, further innovative services will be added.

Time management
Travel companies profit from advanced time management. With the driver card download and the mass storage download from the digital tachograph, companies can get the data directly from the vehicle, regardless of its location. The current status of driving/resting periods for the driver can also be seen.

Pinpoint location services
With location services, the location and route of all buses and coaches can be called up at any time. With two location queries per second, the tracking intervals are very close together – for real-time localisation. With Geofence, companies can also monitor the entry into and departure from a predefined geographic zone at any time.

Double driving style analysis for the driver
Driving style analysis monitors the individual driving styles with regard to efficiency (eco-score) and safety (safety score). The activation of assistance systems such as Lane or Attention Assist also forms part of this evaluation. This helps the company to recognise optimisation potential and training needs.

Deployment planning
Deployment planning offers an online route planner with everything bus companies and controllers need for daily planning. In the drivers’ area of OMNIplus ON drive, these data are shown clearly on a PC or other terminal.

Deployment monitoring of vehicles and fleet
For entry into the innovative world of telematics, OMNIplus ON will offer a free service package at the fleet level from September 2019 called Deployment Monitoring. This contains, alongside consumption data for conventionally driven buses and coaches, data on the charging status or remaining range of the new, fully electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro.

Departure control and individual vehicle checks
Legally required departure controls and individual checks can be created individually and managed with the aid of the Vehicle Checks feature. These are carried out by the driver via smartphone and transmitted in real time.