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New: Service Contracts with OMNIplus Uptime

Maximise the readiness of your buses and coaches.


Your bus or coach only makes you money as long as it is moving. Ensure maximum readiness with the revolutionary predictive service, OMNIplus Uptime. It is now an integral component of Premium and ePremium Service Contracts – and without additional charges. OMNIplus Uptime is available with the BasicPlus and eBasic contracts at a special reduced price.

Whether you operate the new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo, the ComfortClass 500 or the fully electric eCitaro, Service Contracts for buses and coaches with internal combustion engines and eService Contracts for electric buses ensure maximum vehicle operation time at predictable prices.

Own Service Contracts for diesel and e-buses
Service Contracts for buses and coaches with internal combustion engines run from extended warranties via the BasicPlus Service Contract to the Premium Service Contract with its comprehensive services. These include, for example, maintenance, worn parts replacement, entire vehicle repair or 24h SERVICE.

When purchasing an eCitaro, a 5-year warranty is standard for the high-voltage battery and the maintenance and repair of components in the high-voltage system. You are also able to extend the scope of services with our ePremium and eBasic Service Contracts. The eBasic contract includes insurance for repairs to the high-voltage system including the high-voltage battery beyond the period of the 5-year warranty, as well as maintenance of the entire vehicle. The ePremium contract offers an all-round care package, insuring repairs to the entire vehicle and worn parts. It also includes everything in the eBasic contract.

More advantages with OMNIplus Uptime
With the OMNIplus Uptime service as an integral component of the Service Contracts and eService Contracts, you can further increase vehicle operation time. In addition, OMNIplus Uptime permanently monitors all relevant vehicle systems in your bus and coach.

OMNIplus Uptime has been optimised by bus diagnosis experts and experienced service technicians and is continuously refined through intensive practical tests. Thanks to intelligent networking, the system generates status notifications and meaningful and effective recommendations for you to action. Depending on the urgency, these are directly transferred to the OMNIplus 24h SERVICE and your preferred Service Point. This means no more nasty surprises for you.

Proactive repair and maintenance management
In the OMNIplus Online Customer Portal, you can see all notifications in real time. The advantage for you: you are quickly informed of any need for repair and maintenance that arises. With detailed predictive information, your garage can always be optimally prepared for the tasks at hand. Service times can be effectively minimised because a wide variety of repair and maintenance works can be automatically bundled. This means only one garage appointment instead of several consecutive appointments.

Break-down avoidance
But what happens when a bus is at risk of breaking down because of a serious fault? Then OMNIplus 24h SERVICE will immediately provide support in looking for the closest Service Point on your route. Repairs and finding replacement parts are coordinated from the same place. This time saving means real money for you.

Ten decisive advantages of OMNIplus uptime

1.    Predictive monitoring of all relevant vehicle data via the OMNIplus ON Portal.
2.    Increased vehicle availability through minimising downtime.
3.    Early diagnosis of any required repairs or maintenance.
4.    Prevention of any large-scale or subsequent damage through thorough early diagnosis.
5.    Fully automatic information transfer via the OMNIplus 24h SERVICE network.
6.    Personal support from your preferred OMNIplus Service Point.
7.    Clear recommendations for action when required.
8.    Bundling of garage appointments to optimise planning.
9.    Reduction of total costs for fleet management.
10.    Future-proof and extendible technologies.