Digital Services

Customer portal gets going with OMNIplus Uptime

Take your bus’s pulse online at any time.


The OMNIplus ON portal offers a wide range of online services for fleet management. Since recently, the OMNIplus ON advance service area has made the digital service OMNIplus Uptime available and bookable. Here, you can monitor the technical status of your vehicle anywhere and at any time.

OMNIplus ON advance is one of the four service areas of the digital service platform OMNIplus ON. Here, optimum vehicle availability is the watchword. We introduce you to the service area and its functions in detail:

Vehicle status: The technical status of the vehicle can be analysed in real time. Whether it’s service appointments about to fall due, faults in the power train or exhaust treatment, or important parameters that need to be controlled. In this way, you are always able to optimise your service planning with current information and values.

Evaluations: Relevant data is* prepared in a transparent manner. Hence, for example, you can convert maintenance information into other data formats for further processing at any time.

Vehicle care: Not only planned maintenance intervals and service appointments need monitoring. You can also enter regular work into the system and manage it. In this way, you have real-time transparency for the entire fleet – without the need for any paperwork.

OMNIplus Uptime (paid supplementary service): The revolutionary highlight of OMNIplus ON advance has to be OMNIplus Uptime. The technical requirement for this service is the Bus Data Center. It has been built into nearly all Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches since the start of 2018.

OMNIplus Uptime continually analyses and interprets data from the bus. If a need for repair or maintenance is detected, the information is automatically sent to the bus company. Depending on the urgency or level of severity of the repair, the authorised service point is also notified. In the latter case, necessary repairs can be bundled with maintenance work and prepared for in good time. The bus company operator can rest assured that a contact from the OMNIplus Service Point will get in touch promptly and proactively in the near future.

If acute problems have arisen that could soon lead to a vehicle breakdown, the bus company will be just as directly and proactively contacted by the OMNIplus 24h SERVICE. This will also include precise and qualified recommendations for action – a true added value for you as a customer.