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Counterfeit replacement parts: danger from product pirates

Often cheap, sometimes dangerous, usually bad: pirated replacement parts endanger quality and safety.



Product pirates don’t just copy expensive watches and clothing but also safety-related bus and coach replacement parts. The meticulous detective work of the OMNIplus brand protection team is aimed at exposing them.

Everyone has seen the spectacular images: customs officers use a bulldozer to destroy whole containers full of counterfeit goods. The devious practices of product pirates create a market worth hundreds of billions. They save on development costs – and also on quality. For parts with an important safety function, such as brakes, headlights, rear lights, windscreens or chassis parts, this can have catastrophic results: a much longer brake path, increased wear or the total failure of the forged part can lead in the most extreme cases to a fatal accident. That is why OMNIplus works rigorously to identify and expose counterfeit replacement parts.

Undercover investigations at trade fairs

Together with colleagues from the Daimler brand protection team, the OMNIplus brand protection team goes undercover at trade fairs. Professional detectives are also in operation. In addition, the brand protection team works closely together with international crime and customs authorities.

With buses and coaches, safety is top of the list. Therefore, bus companies should take great care about who they obtain replacement parts from. Be wary of questionable suppliers or particularly aggressive online prices. If you want to be totally safe when buying replacement parts, you are in the right place with OMNIplus and its tested original parts.

This is what you should watch out for when buying replacement parts:

  • In general, don’t buy replacement parts from questionable suppliers.
  • Be wary of particularly aggressive online prices.
  • Note the original manufacturer seal. In case of doubt, request a certificate of authenticity from the supplier.
  • Be suspicious if products are supplied without packaging and suitable documentation.
  • If you discover a counterfeit, protect yourself and others by reporting it to with the subject "brand protection”.