Parts and accessories

3D-printed bus and coach parts

More than 200 parts already available for customers.


Delivering high-quality replacement parts quickly to customers is an essential promise of OMNIplus. With replacement parts made by a 3D printer, this is possible even more quickly and even more economically.

Since 2016, Daimler Buses has set store by the possibilities of digital manufacturing using 3D printers. Here, bus and coach customers can benefit from over 25 years’ experience in truck and prototype construction that have been transferred to the quality standards in serial production. Currently, experts are evaluating more than 30,000 bus and coach replacement parts for suitability for 3D printing. Currently, more than 200 parts have been approved for 3D printing and integrated into production.

Just-in-time production

With 3D printing, OMNIplus can react quickly, flexibly and economically to individual needs for replacement parts in an environmentally friendly way – and always in top quality and at cheap production prices. All 3D parts are in accordance with the Daimler AG injection moulding production standards. Instead of lasting several months, the production of a 3D-printed part takes only a couple of days.

Future plans: printed replacement parts straight from the BusWorld Home

In the next stage, OMNIplus will expand the business model logically, with the long-term goal or equipping many BusWorld Homes and service bases as printing centres. Replacement parts can then be produced on site for customers.

Ralf Anderhofstadt, head of the 3D-Printing Center of Competence at Daimler Buses, explains the specific advantages:

3D part manufacturing is particularly interesting for customers who want special features or rare replacement parts that are not always immediately available. Our long-term goal is to be able to offer frequently requested 3D printed parts via the online platform, OMNIplus ON.