OMNIplus Uptime -
Thinks ahead.
Keeps you on the road.

Intelligent data-linking between vehicles, service and your company.

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This is how OMNIplus Uptime works.

OMNIplus Uptime - the innovation for your Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches.

The data-linked service that anticipates.

  • Transparency of vehicle condition in real-time across your entire Mercedes-Benz and Setra fleet.
  • Personalised care through your OMNIplus service point.
  • Immediate information and recommended actions by identifying the repair or service requirement.
  • Optimised planning capability and efficient workshop visits.
  • Increases vehicle availability and thereby reduces your overall fleet costs with Bus Data Center.
Customer care in real-time.
Transparency about pending maintenance measures.

Transparency about pending maintenance measures.

OMNIplus Uptime measures the condition of your buses and coaches.

OMNIplus Uptime keeps a constant eye on the vehicle information. This data will be uploaded and analysed automatically in the Bus Data Center's intelligent server system. The data will generate priority maintenance measures.

Via the OMNIplus Uptime Cockpit you get all the recommended maintenance measures to keep your Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses in top form.

Small repair works can be carried out by you. Thus avoiding wear and tear and unnecessary workshop visits.

Planned and efficient workshop visits.

Proactive repair and service management.

OMNIplus Uptime makes for better planned more efficient workshop visits.

As soon as a service or repair is required, OMNIplus Uptime advises you soon enough to arrange a workshop visit. Thanks to this timely intervention, all necessary work can be bundled into the same visit.

OMNIplus Uptime transfers the service or repair requirements to your pre-selected service point. This workshop is then prepared for your visit so that your bus is back on the road in no time.

Even when failures cannot completely be ruled out OMNIplus Uptime helps you avoid unplanned workshop visits.

Optimised planning and vehicle availability.
24h Service

No downtime

OMNIplus Uptime helps with optimised planning and vehicle availability

Even before you have a flat-tyre you will be informed by OMNIplus 24h SERVICE. With you, the 24h SERVICE team will find the quickest solution as well as finding the nearest service point to you.

Through immediate information and real-time tranparency, OMNIplus Uptime offers you optimal planning and best possible availability of your vehicle.

OMNIplus Uptime - anticipates and connects intelligently

For your bus. For you. For your business.

OMNIplus Uptime is available now. For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives.