Zwei Mercedes-Benz Busse fahren in eine Busstation ein.

Service for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems.

With BRT support from OMNIplus overloaded OPNV systems and past environmental pollution are covered.

A summary of the most important facts

  • bus-based urban transport system with answers to technical traffic challenges

BRT systems are flexible, bus-based rapid transit systems that provide solutions to transit-related challenges such as crowded streets, overburdened public transit systems and environmental pollution. BRT stands for safe, attractive passenger transit in metropolitan areas.

The reliability and operational readiness of your vehicles are extremely important in this area. Closely timed routes, high mileage readings, and high passenger numbers place heavy demands on your vehicles in the BRT system.

BRT-specific service support, as offered by OMNIplus, is thus indispensable. As experienced bus specialists, we are well acquainted with the specific requirements and processes of BRT systems.

OMNIplus provides service for BRT systems

With OMNIplus we are your competent partner and provide a comprehensive range of services with individual solutions for your BRT system. In our OMNIplus service points, maintenance and repair work is carried out by experienced employees, who guarantee efficient processes and short idle times. If you would like to take the maintenance of your vehicle fleet into your own hands, we offer individualized planning for service operations and professional training for your service employees and drivers. With seamless replacement parts logistics and supply, we work to ensure not only that all parts are available when and where they are needed, but also that your buses and coaches are on the road again quickly. Moreover, our service contract models offer financial transparency and security and, with customized financial solutions, we offer you guaranteed mobility and commercial security from day one.