OMNIplus service checks.

A summary of the most important facts

  • seasonal service checks for safe travel throughout the year
  • pre-summer air-conditioning check for hot days
  • pre-winter heating and ventilation checks for cold days

With our seasonal OMNIplus service checks, we offer top service for your bus at the OMNIplus BusWorld Home service points. We check your safety and comfort systems at highly cost-effective terms – plan your OMNIplus service checks today, since the approach of the next summer or winter is something we can all rely on!

A/C check

A/C check

Even though it is hot outside, there is no need for your passengers to break in to a sweat. In addition to testing the A/C system, the evaporator and the filter hoods, and examining seals for connection leaks using gas trace instruments, our service checks for summer also include replacing the filter drier and checking the refrigerant level.

Heating and ventilation check

Ventilation check

We inspect your roof and underfloor blowers, the roof flap control and the filter hood on your vehicle, preventing your passengers from experiencing any chilliness. Our other services:
function tests for auxiliary heaters, emissions level measurements and water filter cleaning.

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