Trademark protection.

Counterfeit spare parts: risks associated with fake products.

Product fakers don't just copy expensive watches and clothes, they also copy safety-relevant bus parts. The OMNIplus brand protection team carries out methodical, meticulous detective work to put an end to this.

Everyone has seen the spectacular photos: customs officials destroying whole container loads of counterfeit goods with a bulldozer. Product pirates do illegal business to the tune of thousands of billions. They save development costs and they also skimp on quality. For safety-relevant parts such as brakes, headlamps, rear lamps, windscreens or suspension parts, this could have deadly consequences: for example, a far longer braking distance, increased wear and tear or, in the worst case scenario, counterfeit parts could break and lead to a serious accident. OMNIplus is always on alert to fight against fake spare parts.

Undercover investigations at trade fairs

The OMNIplus brand protection team goes to trade fairs and, together with the Daimler brand protection team, they conduct covert investigations. Professional investigators are also used. The brand protection team also cooperates closely with international police and customs authorities.

For buses, safety is the number 1 priority. Bus companies should pay close attention to where they buy their spare parts from. Beware of dubious suppliers or particularly price-aggressive online offers. If you want to be absolutely sure when buying spare parts, OMNIplus and its tested GenuineParts are the right choice.

Brand Protection Simple Show

Pay attention to the following when buying spare parts:

  • Never buy spare parts from dubious suppliers.
  • Beware of particularly price-aggressive online offers.
  • Look for the manufacturer's original seal. If in doubt, demand to see the certificate of authenticity from the supplier.
  • You should be suspicious if products are supplied without packaging or appropriate documentation.
  • If you discover counterfeits, you can protect yourself and others by informing, subject "Brand Protection".