Frontansicht eines Busses mit nasser Windschutzscheibe.


Safe in every respect - Winscreens with proven OMNIplus quality.

A summary of the most important facts

  • high quality material with a longer lifetime than other products
  • strict manufacturing controls for a safe drive
  • a specially developed original glue for quick and easy assembly

The windscreen is one of the most important components concerning the safety of passengers and driver. It offers protection from environmental influences like wind and weather and also infrared radiation. It increases safety in emergencies and supports the stability of the vehicle.

Windscreens with proven OMNIplus quality were specially designed for your Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus and coach, to offer protection to you and your passengers. Don't make compromises in quality of your windshield and rely on the original - because quality is decisive.

Product advantages at a glance:

  • Windscreens with proven OMNIplus quality, made of high quality materials, ensure a long lifetime.
  • The perfect combination of Original-Windscreen and Original-Glue, allows fast and accurate replacements by having short waiting times. It also ensures your windscreen fits perfect and is tension-free.
  • Minor damage which does not require a replacement of the whole windscreen can be repaired quick and easily, using the Small Repair-Service.
  • Windscreens with proven OMNIplus quality are subject to strict quality controls during the production process and offer highest product-quality.


Efficiency pays off

Windscreens with proven OMNIplus quality meet the highest technical requirements. By using high quality materials like for example Solar Plus foils, which efficiently help reducing radiant heat, Original-Windscreens achieve a much longer lifetime than comparable windshields produced by third parties. The perfect combination of Original-Windscreens and Original-Glue, allows fast and accurate replacements. The efficient combination of materials and workflow processes ensures full functionality, stability and safety. Short drying times reduce waiting times. And if minor damage occurs to the windscreen which do not require the windscreen to be replaced, they can be repaired quick and easily using the Small Repair-Service.


Competence and Progress

To fulfil the quality criteria of the vehicle-manufacturers in an optimal way, the windscreen needs to fit perfectly and be tension-free. For this reason Original-Windscreens and Original-Glue were designed compatible. Furthermore geometrical data, including position of concavities, of every windscreen is compared to the tolerance values of the Development department. Afterwards the Original-wiper blades can be adjusted to the concavities of the windscreen, enabling an optimal wiping pattern.

Windscreens with proven OMNIplus-quality are subject to strict controls during the production process and offer highest product quality. For example the tearability of the windscreen is reduced by clearly smoothed down rims. Losing stability within the frame is also prevented this way. Sealings, profiles and glued parts are also controlled to reduce the danger for the driver and passengers to the greatest possible extent.


Safety first

The materials of Windscreens are subject to high demands. The Windscreen is for example, exposed to rock falls and needs to protect the passengers from objects that otherwise would find their way into the vehicle interior and it also supports the stability of the vehicle in case of an accident. Even the weather requires a lot from the windscreen. Extreme heat or cold as well as humidity require a high resistance to climate change.

Windscreen with proven OMNIplus quality are being tested under extreme conditions to ensure a maximum quality and safety for the passengers.