Engine filter.

Original engine filter – the highest degree of reliability, durability and safety.

A summary of the most important facts

  • OMNIplus original motor filters work economically
  • easy and precise installation
  • strict tests guarantee a long durability and the best quality
  • Our original motor filters are: oil filters, air filters, fuel filters

Major tasks are best mastered in a team – as well in everyday life, as on the road. Only when all parts of one vehicle are in perfect harmony mobility becomes possible. If there is only one defective component, complete failure of the vehicle may be the consequence. For this reason we pay particular attention to the maximum reliability, durability and safety when it comes to our engine filters with proven OMNIplus quality. Because who only looks on the price instead of the quality risks whole unit to fail. Original parts with proven OMNIplus quality guarantee optimal quality of materials and processing. They are the result of decades of experience and know-how in constructing buses and coaches.

Filter performance that pay off

Original oil filter

Original oil filters in proven OMNIplus quality

Not every oil filter runs like clockwork. Only trust in the original. An original oil filter with proven OMNIplus quality helps you to meet the requirements of everyday life. In the long run original oil filters help you save money. Oil filters with proven OMNIplus quality can be put in place very easy due to his exact dimensions and perfect processing. After closing the filter cover, the filter seals are also fitting perfectly into the right place. Number of filters, depth and length of pleats are according to the guidelines.

Original air filter

Original air filters with proven OMNIplus quality

Cheap doesn’t necessarily come cheap in the end with air filters. Regardless of possible dangers caused by unfiltered air, competitive products do not pay if it has to be replaced by an original part. Using Original air filters no unfiltered air can get into the combustion chamber, because the cover seal fits perfectly and the filter paper is equally glued to the disks at the end of the filter and the longitudinal seams do not have any gaps. Furthermore resistance of the filter paper and the grammage as well pore size of the filter meet highest quality standards, which are needed to be certified as proven OMNIplus quality.

Original fuel filter

Original fuel filter with proven OMNIplus quality

A supposedly price advantage may eventually become a disadvantage. No matter how cheap the offer might be: This can’t really save you cash. Cheap solutions do not only need to be replaced more often but even worse: poor quality filters may lead to an expensive replacement of the fuel pumps. Who has ever experienced this knows: saving on filters means saving on the wrong things Original fuel filters with proven OMNIplus quality are very service friendly: The OMNIplus fuel filter stays firmly connected to the filter cover due to its holding clips, so leaking fuel when changing the filter is prevented. Furthermore all dimensions of the filter meet exactly the requirements stated in the specifications book. Easy installation as well as reliability and tightness can be guaranteed.

Product advantages at a glance:

  • Original engine filter with proven OMNIplus quality can be replaced easily and safely due to their standardized fitting
  • Original engine filter with proven OMNIplus quality are proven to stay operational for a longer time, enabling longer service intervals and are therefore particularly economical.
  • Every single component of an original engine filter with proven OMNIplus quality meets the high standards of OMNIplus regarding quality and processing of the materials.
  • There is no risk of,for example oil seal failures due to weaknesses in materials
  • The stop on the filter paper of the original engine filter prevents build up within the filter folds – for safe and constant filter performance
  • The filter paper for the original engine filter with proven OMNIplus quality is connected leak-proof and even to the bottom of the filter and glued or welded to the cover. Leaks can be avoided as much as possible
  • State of the art materials and processes ensure long durability and safety for the original engine filter with proven OMNIplus quality


Efficiency pays off

High quality increases the lifetime. A rule that is proven by original engine filters with proven OMNIplus quality. Original engine filters for Mercedes-Benz or Setra buses and coaches need to be replaced less often than products offered by competitors. Investting into the original always pays off.


Competence and progress

No matter if a coach, city bus or intercity bus – every original engine filter with proven OMNIplus quality is precision work in the true meaning of the word. Before it gets to you it has to meet the strict requirements of the development department, as well as our own, meaning always to offer the best and highest standards in processing, strict checks and continuous development to enable us to achieve this goal everyday.


Safety first

Drop in performance, wearing of fuel pumps, damage to the engine caused by a defective filter: Original engine filters with proven OMNIplus quality reduces the risk of this happening to you and your customers if your vehicle is serviced regularly. After all your customers should enjoy their Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus or coach for a long time.


High degree of reliability due to continuous quality controls

Everything but a breakdown! A justified wish probably every customer of bus or coach has. For this reason every engine filter needs to meet our specific quality requirements before leaving the factory. Thanks to these tested parts your customers get the certainty of their Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus coach will keep going just as on the first day, even after thousands of kilometres.