Driver seats.

Original comfort suspension seats – a workplace to fall back on.

A summary of the most important facts

  • high quality drivers' seats for the best comfort
  • driver seat repair or exchange
  • individual seat design

Adjust your driver's seat according to your individual needs

The driver's seat is one of the most important connections between the driver and your bus or coach. Ergonomics, comfort and individual adaptation are therefore essential requirements to assist your driver to take your passengers safe and relaxed to their destination. If the driver of the vehcile gets stressed by usage of inappropriate or worn seats can lead to various health impairments. Those impariments can lead to stress, tiredness and absenteism. Using a comfort suspesnion seat with proven OMNIplus quality you can rely on a workspace supporting safety and well-being. It combines ergonomics and comfort and thereby prevents back pain. Your OMNIplus Service point offers not only comprehensive advise on which seat to choose, but also supports you to repair your existing seats and order of all replacement parts. No matter if you want to uprgade or adapt your up-to-date- or older seats, or if you have individual wishes about the design of your passengers seats - Your OMNIplus Service Point is the right contact if you have any questions concerning seating.

Driver seats - Technical functions

Grammer Tourea

Technical functions: Damper settings, Seat angle adjustments, pneumatic adjustment of the lateral contour, seatback adjustments, length settings, heights setting, pneumatic lumbar support, seat cushion adjustments, integrated headrest, textile cover anthracite/grey

ISRI 6860

Driver's seat ISRI 6860/885 NTS and ISRI 6860/875 NTS

Technical functions: heights setting with memory function, adjustable vertical vibration absorber, adjustments to shoulders, inclination adjustment, backrest adjustment, horizontal adjustment, seat cushion adjustment, quick lowering, integrated headrest, pneumatic system for adjusting the shape of the backrest, textile cover ISRI anthracite/grey.

Fair ideas for minor defects: Driver's-seat-repair

We offer you the OMNIplus SmallRepair service for minor damages to your driver's seat like holes in the cushion. Because costly parts like backrests do not always need to be replaced. We use special repair methods and are able to repair small defects fast, uncomplicated and cheap.

Individual seat design for Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus or coach

There are no limits to the individual design of your passenger's seats. To round off the appearance of your bus this of course is also applies for your driver's seat.