Produktansicht der Bremsen und Bremsbelaege

Brakes and brakepads.

Original brakes and brakepads - brake and play it safe.

A summary of the most important facts

  • brakes and and brake linings with original seal
  • especially adapted for your needs
  • economical, superb quality and extremely durable

Concerning the safety of you and your passengers you should not compromise. The requirements to quality and functionality of brakes used in Mercedes-Benz or Setra buses and coaches are set accordingly and are uncompromising. Because OMNIplus brake components need to function anywhere – be it at the freezing cold or while driving over steep alpine passes.

Stress tests for maximum safety

Before brakes even get to master their hard everyday life, brakes need to pass even more demanding tests, like the dynamic enduring heat crack testing on the dynamometer. Only brakes and brake pads passing this baptism of fire receive the quality seal of approval for our high quality original parts.This also lets your bus or coach travel safe even under the toughest conditions. Because to come to a halt in time depends on the quality of material as well as reliable and coordinated interaction of all the brake components. The ones who abandon quality always loses. The one braking with OMNIplus always gains. You can also gain: safety and economical efficiency. Do not compromise, brake and play it safe, with original brakes and brake pads with proven OMNIplus quality.

With original parts
you can brake safer
and drive more economically

Regarding active and passive safety, Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches traditionally set new standards. This demand is just natural, also for our original parts with proven OMNIplus quality. Every single part is specially designed for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches and is being adjusted to the brake systems and engine output. There are processes that ensure quality and efficiency, starting with the material selection and not ending after everything is tested for maximum quality and durability in the most demanding of tests. Even after that when it comes to repairs and maintenance quality of original parts pays off: You will receive a one year warranty on original brake replacement parts at every Service Partner of EvoBus (UK) Ltd. To make sure of this, it is instantly and unmistakably recognisable to you, original parts not only come with proven OMNIplus quality, but also with special packaging. It signals at first glance that you are receiving original parts which were designed to meet your requirements and were tested according to a strict criteria.Outstanding quality, long durability maximum reliability and highest efficiency – original parts with proven OMNIplus quality offer a wide range of advantages. Especially the good feeling to be travelling safe, no matter when and where.

Optimal coordination of the individual parts

If you ask for safety, quality is the answer. Original parts with proven OMNIplus quality stand for outstanding workmanship and for optimal coordinated brakes and brake pads, complementing each other perfectly. Optimal function and maximum safety showing quality that is worth trusting in.

High value materials

At OMNIplus, safety is not only a top priority, but also patented: Brake pads are made of an innovative and intelligent alloy that dissipates heat in an optimal way, spreading it equally over the whole disc surface before removing it. A know how which knows no equal and which can be experienced by you with every Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus and coach

Proven efficiency

Original parts with proven OMNIplus quality are designed and tested for best possible friction pairing already during the development process. A brake pad with proven OMNIplus quality for example can achieve a mileage of several 100.000s of kilometres under optimal operating conditions. This saves you costs for repairs of parts that are subject to wear and unnecessary downtimes. This also shows that high quality of material and processing of our original parts pays off in the long term.

Endurance tests for
brakes overview

During the tests always both components, brake disc and brake pad are subject to the tests. Since only the combination of high quality components leads to perfect results.

Enduring heat crack test

The enduring heat crack test checkes the quality of the brakes when subject to extreme heat. It simulates for example driving down the Alps experiencing different speeds and brake temperatures. So even in the run-up to everyday life the brakes are being tested under extreme conditions.

Testing the swelling behaviour

All brake pads are being tested regarding their behaviour under the influence of temperature. During the tests,changes in thickness of the surface are measured while heating up, as well as cooling down. This shall prevent the brake pads from blocking the brake, in the most extreme case, because it was swelling too much. And if the brake pad is shrinking too much this may lead to a reduced breaking effect. Only tested braking pads, meeting the high requirements for original parts with proven OMNIplus quality, are being used in buses later on.

Corrosion test

OMNIplus does everything to ensure the brakes to function perfectly even under poor weather conditions and environmentally influenced corrosion.

Rough road test

A vibration test is being done that primarily shows the advantages of high quality hold-down springs in original brake pads.
This spring provides best possible brake effect even under extreme conditions and vibrations and prevents damages to the brake pad and other brake components.

Test of the heat transmission of the break pads

Testing the heat transmission of the braking pad provides information about possible overheating of singe parts of the brake. Too much heat transmission can for example lead to burning the tapped cap. Now dirt and humidity can lead to a complete failure of the brake. To prevent this from happening the heat transmission is being tested in advance.