Air spring bellows.

100 % - always on the perfect level.

A summary of the most important facts

  • verifiable longer durability
  • in proven OMNIplus quality
  • constant vehicle height via self-regulating height adjustment, even when passengers getting on or off the vehicle

Product advantages at a glance:

  • Air spring bellows with proven OMNIplus quality have proved to be longer lasting and enable longer service intervals. And due to the optimized repair and parts-costs they are very efficient
  • Original-Air spring bellows are easy to replace due to their standardized fit
  • The high quality materials promise very good temperature and ozone resistance and offer additional durability even under extreme weather conditions
  • The enduring quality of the Original-Air spring bellow gives certainty to have OMNIplus as a reliable partner on you side
  • Low natural frequency and soft cushioning by the OMNIplus Air spring bellow helping the safety of your vehicle and the passengers regardless of the driving situation.
  • The level adjustment leads to a steady static height, combined with the "Kneeling-function” it makes it easier for your passengers to get on or off the vehicle.

A lot of things depend on the quality and the condition of your replacement parts - Not only the safety of you passengers, but also the efficiency of your vehicles. Especially in times of rising cheap quality copies, both components become more and more important. Modern competition demands a high level of reliability and functionality. Our target is to equip our customers with a high degree of quality and comfort, to justify their trust on a long term perspective. The one just relying on the price, rather than the quality does not only risk costly absenteeism, but also dangerous accidents. With Air spring bellows with proven OMNIplus quality you can play it safe.


Quality that proves itself

The Original OMNIplus Air spring bellow shows maximum durability. Several tests, being performed for product testing purpose, proved that. When testing the dimensional stability a very good bearing capacity of the air spring unit was noticed. This causes that the air spring bellow with proven OMNIplus quality acts without objection no matter if it was compressed or not. Everything is designed to ensure a high durability, because chafing to neighbouring parts is prevented. Further tests showed an above-average durability of air spring bellows with proven OMNIplus quality for more than 10 million load changes. This indicates a constant and high quality production process. OMNIplus air spring bellows also show high resistance against temperature and weather conditions. This is reached by the usage of high quality materials, which are very crack-resistant even under extreme conditions and are only used in the Original OMNIplus air spring bellow. Further analysis of the material showed that it is far better than the natural rubber mainly used by competitors.


Comfort you can feel

Besides the soft suspension due to a missing static deflection between zero-load and full-load, the air spring bellow with proven OMNIplus quality offers a low natural frequency regardless of the load. This helps the road surface and road-impacts are minimized which increases the comfort of the passengers significantly. Every vehicle with air spring bellows has a level adjustment which leads to a constant and static height regardless of the loading of the vehicle and the stressing of the air spring bellows. Access height, ground clearance and headlight position remain the same all the time. Lowering one part of the vehicle to make getting on or off easier is done with the so called Kneeling-function. The air spring bellows plays an important role here, too.

Competitive advantages

Only original parts give you the right competitive advantage

Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches are characterized by high value processing and quality. New technologies ensure maximized driving comfort. Original Air spring bellows are the benchmark in durability and reliability. No matter if great evelations or deep potholes, OMNIplus Original air spring bellows is up to the requirements of everyday business. Through optimized ozone resistance it stays tear-proof even under extreme heat and guarantees long durability. Decisive for this is the use of high quality materials in the production process. Rely on OMNIplus original parts and benefit from the high quality you know. Don’t get blinded by low prices of inferior copies. The consequences will be high repair costs, as well as uncertainty and vehicle downtime. Don’t put your success at risk, but opt for original parts in proven OMNIplus quality. To meet your requirements regarding quality and comfort, we are testing our replacements parts regularly for reliability and functionality under the toughest conditions.