Fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguisher - new in our range of products.

A summary of the most important facts

  • rapid extinguishing in the engine compartment through high pressure water mist
  • yearly maintenance is required by law
  • receive your new part through our economic and environmentally friendly exchange service

Fire extinguishing agent in proven OMNIplus quality

Extremely effective high-pressure water mist fire protection system in the engine compartment.
The fire can be smothered and cooled down immediately to ensure minimum damage.
In addition to the annual maintenance of the entire fire extinguishing system, the fire extinguishing liquid should be replaced every four years; this ensures top performance of the system as the properties of the extinguishing agent can change over time.  The fire extinguisher needs to be replaced to ensure its effectiveness and to also ensure validity of the fire protection system.   
The OMNIplus service point in your area offers the fire extinguisher in an exchange programme which is more economical and environmentally friendly when compared to installing a new part.